• Hi guys,

    I have been reading a lot and watching videos on Germany strategy, so the opening options for me are very clear.

    However, how do you decide between Sea Lion and Barbarossa? What do you see in the game that makes you go one way or the other?

    I am currently playing a game and I honestly cannot decide what to do in my turn 2.

    In my opener I took care of the whole British fleet and barely got hit, so I have all my ships left except one sub.

    England stacked up on infantry and currently have 11 infantry plus the french and all the planes from the set up (did not scrambled once).

    On the other hand Leningrad has only 8 infantry on it, but it would take me two turns to reach there (however being a minor industrial complex all the Russian player can do is put 3 more in there).

    I also have all my planes available and in reach of London (total of 10 planes) and 3 transports. The only doubt I have is that I only have two artillery to bring in the transports (i moved most of it towards the Russian front).

    I think I would have better options for Sea Lion if I go for it this turn, but, not having a lot of experience playing yet, I would like to know what you guys think.


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    @tchenao Bomb UK, mop any UK fleet in the med if Taranto was done. Probably need some air to N Africa to support Italy. By some fast movers for a rd 3 attack on Russia. Maybe a transport or two if you wanna hit lenningrad.

    UK infantry build is probably a no go for sea lion. You might win battle but it’d cost too much. Most of the elite players don’t do sea lion. Russia can put a lot of pressure on Germany when it’s done. It depends on who you’re playing and how experienced people are.

    I’m not an elite player though : )

    Sometimes you can do a mid to late game sea lion if UK gets careless and things are going well.

  • @barnee will try that out, focusing on the fast movers for an attack on Russia on turn 3. Already got three transports in the board, so Lets get some tanks and mechanized! Thanks for your intake

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    @tchenao yea 3 should be all you need. Can keep reinforcing Army Group North from W Germany and get to Norway or threaten that late sea lion if all goes well.

    At any rate have fun.

    Oh yea you can look at league games and see how the really good players do it : )


  • @barnee thanks man, really appreciate it.

    Just to let you know that your idea worked as a charm. All the British fleet in the Mediterranean is gone (lost two fighers on the process though).

    I also brought the battleship and a sub from SZ110 into the Gibraltar strait where the French navy was hiding. I believe that is a legal move since I control Normandy and it has a naval base.

    Purchased tanks, artillery and another transport and now the Russian know what´s coming to them next turn!


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    @tchenao That’s a legal move for the battleship if the Axis control Gibraltar. The sub can make it regardless.

    Also, I would stop building transports – unless you’re doing Sea Lion or taking Novgorod amphibiously on G3, you already have a lot of money in them that would be better spent on ground forces for Russia.


  • @marshmallow-of-war I though so, but thanks for clarifying that.

    The only thing is that the German battleship is now damaged and exposed, but I rarely have it after one or two turns anyways…

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    @tchenao If you control Normany, the German battleship should have repaired in the G2 purchase phase.

    Since you can’t move it into the Med unless Italy took Gibraltar on I1, it would be better to move it to sea zone 112 where it can have air cover.


  • @marshmallow-of-war the battleship was repaired as you mention. However the lucky French navy got two hits on two dice, so I lost a sub and the battleship was hit again.

    The other two units I had involved there were two bombers and I did not want to lose any of them.

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    @tchenao We once play a game where the French were the most effective minor power on the board. They could do no wrong on defense. At one point my partner (who was running the French) responded to the player running Germany saying, “Two guys and a plane should be enough” with “Are you sure? They’re French.” and the other player winced visibly. The French in that game killed more German units than the UK…

    Fun day!


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    @tchenao said in Germany strategy question:

    @barnee thanks man, really appreciate it.

    Just to let you know that your idea worked as a charm…


    Heh heh glad it worked out for ya but i can’t take credit it for it being “my” idea 🙂

    Looks as if Marsh has you squared away on Gib straight. Some people will attack SZ 111 rd1 with the BB and then retreat it to 112. That BB is nice to have to discourage early landings an can be retreated into the Baltic to protect Germany when Denmark falls.

    At any rate, Rock On ! Rock On !!!.png

  • @marshmallow-of-war Nice! Sometimes unexpected things develop in this game. Good for the French! They deserve some credit, every once in a while.

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