Need Help Defending Germany Against UK Strategic Bombing

  • Last week I played my second game of Axis and Allies. It was a four player game, and I was Germany. From the 2nd turn until the 6th turn the UK and eventually a US bomber on UK ran bombing runs over Germany, taking anywhere from 7 to 15 IPCs at a time. Considering this early part of the game is when the Axis need to be hitting the Allies before they can mobilize, I found this very crippling.
    The conclusion of the game was an Axis win, but it was simply because the US and then the UK attacked Berlin & Rome. They lost atleast 4 times the amount of IPCs Germany did and they lost both battles. I’m sure our next game the Allies will want a rematch and they won’t make the same mistake of attacking unprepared, but at this point I see no way of defending against or stopping bombing raids from the UK.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Dude, sooner or later he is going to lose at least one of those 15-ipc Bmrs to your AAGuns, right?  You are making sure the AAGuns roll before the Bmrs roll, ey!?

    If all else fails, trying rolling for ROCKETS and give him a taste of his own medicine!!

  • Bomb back.

  • bomb africa and take it, then laugh at him

  • Or you could do the obvious and build a couple of fighters and roll for rockets.

  • Rockets would give him a taste!  (but rolling for them might turn out expensive!)

    Ftrs do not defend vs. SBR in AARevised!!

  • You can’t stop the US from bombing you if that is what they are going to do.  Just that simple.  Lucky dice rolls are all you can hope for.  Even than if all the US is doing is buying bombers than get used to losing 16 IPC a turn to the US.

    UK you can stop.  You have to take their $ away.  Go after Africa and destroy their Atlantic fleet with your airforce.  The UK does not have limitless IPC that the US does.

    Either way, you can’t stop the bombing.  What you can do is make enough extra IPC that the bombing damage is min.  That can be done by expanding into africa and attacking Russia since allied IPC is being spent buying bombers.

  • In short, blast the living sh*t out of anything that moves and doesn’t move in Africa and then use Japan to annoy the hell out of America by using your battleships in one on one conflicts in island areas and invade South America with some artillery, preferably using  the Tokyo-Express National Advantage.

  • But is it even possible to hold off a British / U.S. invasion in Europe while attacking Africa, all the while getting bombed? I would think not, unless one had lucky rolls. And if Russia was smart they would take advantage of the situation and pick apart any scattered German positions. In this situation, I think Japan has to do its part flawlessly, whatever that may be. Annoying U.S., trying to help roll up Russia, taking NZ Australia and India?

    Sounds like a tough decision to make.

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