How do you resovle attacks that are wrong?

  • Of course both sides should always check that all units in a attack can participate, especially air units able to land! But when we play it often gets late and a couple of beers makes judgements sometimes bad! Say that you for example roll the first round in a combat and during round two someone sees that a bomber maybe didnt have the requires range! What do you do then? The attacker may say that the attack should be recalled and that he wouldnt have done that attack if he knew! But what if that attack was number two or three that turn, maybe the bomber would have been a part of those attacks if he knew and maybe that attack could have gone bad for the attacker loosing the bomber!

    We always try to use fair judgement but if this happends in important and maybe game changing attacks it might be more tricky to resolve! Any advice? 🙂

  • In the past, as I recall, we’ve always just done it where you take the bomber out of the battle. Then if the battle hasn’t started yet, the attacker decides if he wants to call off the attack or continue without the bomber.  If there have already been rounds of combat that have been rolled, the defender gets to choose whether or not to re-rolls the round(s) of combat that have already occurred. If the defender decides to re-roll, then the attacker would get the chance to call off the attack. We would never let the bomber go help another battle that turn, or redo any other battles that had already occurred.

    This is generally the most fair way of doing things, but there are always special circumstances that can happen and in that case you just negotiate with the other player until you come to a fair agreement. If you can’t come to an agreement about a fair way to resolve the mistake then you probably shouldn’t continue the game anyway.

  • Agreed.  Since it was the attackers mistake, the defender should get to choose if they want to re-roll the battle or just remove the bomber mid-combat and keep going.

    I’d probly let them bring the bomber somewhere else if there were other attacks not yet rolled though.  I wouldn’t allow them to go back and re-roll another battle with the bomber included though, that ship sailed.

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