• Do you ever tried this strategy?

    You get a decent combined defensive fleet in sz91.
    5 transports in sz101 and 5 transports in sz91, moving 10 land troops every turn in Spain, plus the 3 units you’re buying in Spain’s minor industrial complex that you can put there.

    How the axis will react to that? Anyone ever tried this? Also, the navy in sz91 could be defended by up to 9 scrambling aircrafts (Gib, Spain, Portugal).

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    puh i don´t  think its worth it, the axis can now get sweden and turkey, last one is a mess for russia because caucasus can be threaten from the south without using transporters

    but generally i like creative ideas like that  😄

  • Maybe at a point where Russia is doomed and the Western Axis front is relatively weakly defended, then extra troops in Turkey won’t matter thàt much anymore.

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    hm good point, but if you have your transports already at Gibraltar and Russia is doomed then you could threaten both Italy and Germany.
    I think you could save the money for the small IC and buy 4 more Infantry for the D-Day  😄 just my opnion after some bad experience with additional IC´s  :mrgreen:

  • 2022 2021 '16 '15

    …in my last game I build an small IC in Romania, second Round with the additional French Monay a Cruiser and Transport in the Black See,
    plus Airport in Romania to save the fleet from Russian Air Attacks… it didnt worked well  :mrgreen:

  • If you’re in good enough shape to start attacking neutrals as the allies in the Atlantic just land at Normandy and Holland.  While taking Spain is hilarious it seems to be unnecessary and almost like having an advantage and rubbing it in…  Don’t run up the score just win the game.

  • I’m a fan.  I’ve done it twice before.  The first time was late in the game, a last ditch effort.  The second time was very early, turn 4.  It worked a treat.  By landing in Spain with 14 units, plus planes, I forced Germany to retreat from Operation Barbarossa.  Obviously a minor ic is built.  The beauty of the Spain invasion is that it is one stop from America and the UK via transports, and it’s three territories away from Western Germany, and so cannot be reached in one turn.  The opening of the neutrals isn’t that important.  Yes, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden all go to the axis, but in return the allies take Spain, of course, Portugal, and the rest of South America.  Plus a foothold in Europe.  The German forces may rush back, allowing Russia to put pressure on Germany.  Get the squeeze on 🙂

  • 2022 2021 '16 '15

    nice argument, i will try it

  • Turkey, Sweden and Switzerland don’t become pro-Axis if you attack Spain or Portugal. They become pro-Axis if you attack one of the three, only.

  • scramble 12 aircraft if you have morrocco oh yeah….and i dont think the neutrals work like that.

  • They’re not.  I assume that MightyPol is confused.  Misread a rule, or the like.

  • Yesterday I did it in a Real Life game.

    My opponent didn’t expect that and after I said “America delcares war on ALL neutrals” and saw me moving 12 land troops from Gibraltar to Spain and 12 more land troops from transports in 101 to Spain, then landing all british aircrafts in Spain he said: OH SH1T!!

    In fact, this saved me a LOT of time to intervene in Europe (It was btw after I contained Japan, with a moderate KJF strategy, a turtle UK in europe case he was treatening Sea Lion and turtle and retreat Russia)

    The game ended arond turn 12 with him conceding with Japan reduced to 6 or 7 IPCs from Russian territories (Japan convoyed), Italy convoyed with US subs, and Germany close to Moscow but unable to take it.

    I had Spain with waves and waves of troops from spain to normandy, southern france, france, north italy, a minor ic for building new ships if needed directly in sz91, or 3 tanks.

  • @MightyPol:

    Turkey, Sweden and Switzerland don’t become pro-Axis if you attack Spain or Portugal. They become pro-Axis if you attack one of the three, only.

    I think you misread the rulebook, those are examples, not all of the strict neutrals.

  • The rule is if any of the strict neutrals are attacked by a side every other strict neutral on the board becomes pro-the-other-side.

  • Customizer

    He might be referring to the use of Neutral Blocks.  Some people like the idea of putting all the neutrals into geographical blocks so an attack on one only affects those that might normally be affected because they are in the same area rather than every strict neutral all across the board.  The thinking is that what does someone in Argentina or Mongolia care if Germany takes Sweeden or USA takes Spain.  Personally, I like the idea.  Here are the blocks I use:
    European Block:  Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweeden
    Middle-Eastern Block:  Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Afghanistan
    Mongolian Block:  All Mongolian territories
    African Block:  All neutral countries in Africa
    South American Block:  All neutral countries in South America

    Also, if he does use the Neutral Blocks, he may be including Turkey in the European Block.  Some people do that.

  • The problem with that is it makes it far easier for the USA for example to take South America, because no one can contest it.

    Spain does seem to be a liability for the Axis.

  • I am always tempted to use this strategy with the allies. There is however always one thing which holds me from doing so: the Mongolian forces - if Japan can activate these units, I think this will tip the balance on the pacific board in favor of the Axis.

    Nevertheless, It would be a disaster for Germany to defend another border, which is so close to france and the US at the same time…

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