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    It’s a know strategy to attack the neutrals and establish the spanish beachhead by the allies.

    It sounds like a great plan, but in reality it does not work in real life. WHY?

    Also, realistically what is the earliest the allies can do this? If you are going to, how are you dealing with the “turkish problem” Axis can not control turkey for it to be a success.

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    Not sure whether you mean real life as in during WW2 or like during a real game.

    The best way I’ve seen this strategy executed was using soviet infantry from Caucasus and a couple of tanks and planes hit Turkey round 5 and then the US takes Spain on its turn and if given the opportunity, lands all over the place to make a mess out of things. Then, the UK lands planes in Spain, and again if possible lands troops in southern France, or Normandy in order to prevent the German use of those factories or plane landing on their turn.

    The British should have factories set up in the middle east by this point and should be slowly trickling in infantry into turkey to counter any axis offensives through the area, could also allow Britain to open up another front against Germany in the Balkans using their full IPC potential instead of having to use a portion on transports and a navy.

    Overall I think violating neutrality as the allies is a good idea, but the allies have to be ready for it. The Americans should take Spain and be a nuisance of themselves, such as launching off to Norway, or Italy. Any distraction from killing Russia to Germany helps. The British can then pour tanks in through Turkey, and if the Germans have to invest significant resources into countering it, it may give Moscow an extra couple of rounds it needs to turn the tide of the war, or hold indefinitely. Also, the Americans cant spend all of their IPCs on Spain, there is a point where it is fruitless if Germany really chooses to crack down, also combining Spain with a Berlin Bank job kinda thing would be pretty nutty.

    ** all opinion, not a pro at the game i just spend a lot of time thinking about strategies id like to use **

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    I have seen it used successfully as an end game measure when the game is in a stalemate. It allows for the Allies to gain more income than the Axis do to try and break the stalemate. Otherwise it is not very useful.

  • The one time I tried it, it just resulted in a stalemate at Spain. All we did was trade unit for unit essentially. I had more income, but had to ferry all my troops over, so couldnt make a breakthrough. I couldn’t make any headway in France, and he couldn’t take Spain over. Eventually we had to end the game because it was taking to long. Of note though, I didn’t know you could build factories in nuetral countries.

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    @J-o-C if you take Spain with for example USA you may build a minor there next round. Spain is worth 2 ipc and meet the requirements

  • @oysteilo Yeah, just figured that out a few days ago.

  • @J-o-C I’ve been considering trying attacking the neutrals, mostly for the helluva it. Thanks for laying out thoughts. As far as multi-national forces sequenced, I’m considering sending in U.K. forced into Saudi’s Arabia if conditions permit. Also, ANZAC on Argentina As a capper, maybe Chile also but Argentina first.

    Sweden would be tough to get as Allies unless already in Norway so might Axis taking it might the cost of opening Spain and Turkey and make you commit to invading Europe form the south, not necessarily a bad thing.

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