• Not sure if anyone gives a damn…but anyways, playing G39 for the first time with my brother.
    Using the simplified rules i wrote up found here:

    A few things we added after reading some of the posts here:

    1-When you activate the capital of a friendly neutral you activate all lands and ships of that neutral power. (not sure if this is official rules or not anyway, it makes sense)

    2-Strict neutral ships become active to the other side when a strict neutral of theirs is attacked adjacent to them or their capital is attacked.

    3-Ships do not move twice with the rest of the German units during the second impulse of the blitzkrieg during G1. Again just not sure about this, it seems massively overpowered.

    4-German national advantage: Mechanized divisions. Germans receive one free mechanized infantry, placed during place new units, at each major IC it controlled at the start of its turn.

    5-USSR national advantage: Conscription. USSR receive one free infantry, placed during place new units, at each IC it controlled at the start of its turn.

    6-USSR may never activate Poland if Poland becomes a pro-allied neutral. It may however attack Poland in this state as normal.

    7-USSR may attack Poland, Baltic States and/or Finland even if they have been activated by Germany w/out inducing a state of war with Germany.
    –7-Germany may not attack any Soviet units/lands without first declaring all out war on Russia. In which case Russia would receive its full production for the remainder of the game.

    8-Communist China has no movement restrictions as does Nationalist China.

    9-No capital ship placement restrictions for Sydney or Calcutta.

    10-ANZAC can build a minor IC in New Zealand.

    11-Nationalist China may move into any territories of the Burma Road.

    12-Add Soviet minor IC to Stalingrad setup.

    Also thinking about adding a naval base to Karelia (SZ 9) setup
    And requiring a naval base + IC to place new sea units. Or just this restriction for capital ships.

    Any thoughts/comments ?
    We are not interested in any special units or other craziness. Its enough of a game to tackle even in this simpler form.

  • Alot of these I do too.  I have a house thread of my own here started.  It’s rather old now…  One thing I think that would be cool to keep from v6.1 is the rules regarding the Soviets and Nazis fighting each other in Finland without actually declaring war against one another.  Just adds a neat dynamic, but as you say, for the sake of simplicity, you can make do without it.

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