First game of global 39 is this weekend… What do I need to know?

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    I’ll be playing as an Axis Power.  Are there any general items that a “noobie” should know right off the bat?

    Where can I find the rulebook?

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    Kill the Enemy!

    Sorry,…I just couldn’t resist your straight line. I hope you have FUN! I’ve yet to play the '39-G scenario so my opinion is of no use to you. I’d be interested in learning your impressions of the '39-G map/game.

    “Tall Paul”

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    Well so far my strategy is…


    Glad to see I’m pretty close to par. 🙂

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    Sounds like the 2nd Battle of Manassas, when Starke’s  LA Brigade had to fend  off Hatch’s New Yorkers in the Railroad Cut!
    Have fun Garg. I too would love to play 39.

  • Garg, below are the newest official rules & set-ups. You will need to read, then re-read them several times. If your playing Germany (as I know you will) you need to understand how the blitzkrieg works. It basically allows Germany to take two turns G1, allowing every unit to make two attacks and/or NCM, calling them impulse 1, and impulse 2. This can be used on land or sea, and allows you to drop, Warsaw, Paris, and the bulk of the Atlantic Royal Navy G1. You can also use the units you bought in impulse 1, to attack in impulse 2, so buying a bomber or two could help you finish off the Royal Navy in the Atlantic (along w/your wolf pack subs). You will also need to learn how the minor axis powers work. This is pretty basic, but they all have some restrictions early in the game. There is also a Vichy rule that is pretty awesome, that will most likely take place G1 because of the 2nd impulse. There are also neutral rules that can help or hinder you throughout the game.

    Japan has a surprise attack that allows them to to make up to 3 attacks in one turn, move their attacking units in NCM, and also collects a bonus (as long as they aren’t yet at war with that power, and needs to be done before start of J8). The enemy isn’t allowed to return fire the first round. If pulled off against the US, then the US ships are also -2 in def beyond the first round of no def rolls, but it is nearly impossible to align the US and UK (UK can DOW turn 3) for an attack in the same turn, unless the US is offering up a sacrificial lamb (small fleet) to get into the war faster.

    For the allies, the UK player will need to figure out if he will play each power separately, or group some together (they all move and fight together as one power, but their econs are separate). We normally play them as three separate econs. England, Canada, and S Africa as one econ, then India (know as Far East Command/FEC), and then Anz. Russia, and the US both enter the war with accumulative dice rolls each turn. When they’re war rolls get to a certain number (Russia-48, and US-80) they can declare war. This is a pretty cool part of the game, and the US can reach their goal faster depending on what the axis powers do.

    The Rules and set-up are on Game Geek, you will have to register to download them (if not already registered). Here is the Game Geek link to GW39 for the downloads of the newest rules & set-ups (also to check out some pics etc…) You need to scroll down about 2/3 down the page for the files. There are several down loads, some are outdated (, and some are from fans or not official. There is also a 6 sided dice variant offered by Jeremy from FMG that basically plays G40 rules on this new map. I haven’t played his version yet, but intend to at some point.

    Your looking for:

    Global War 1939 Rules (updates version 5.1), and Global War 1939 Official Setup v 5.0 (fixed errors). Note the author (to the far right) both authored by Blkstook (also known as Variable).

    Here is also a battle chart that I did that will help you get familiar with all the different values for the 12 sided dice, and all the new special units that each power gets.;topic=28219.0;attach=189986

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    Thanks Wild Bill!

    I’ve printed your chart, and the rules. Variable also helped me with everything.

    From the outset it seems reminiscent of Xenogames “World at war” the double impulse and suprise attack turns are the same, and so are the Vichy Rules.

    That said, it’s a widely improved version…  Definetly going to have to read these rules a few times lol…

    And YES I am playing the Axis! Not sure If I’m Germany or Japan yet, but either or, I’m going to lay down the SUFFERING! 😛

    Thanks again…

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    Pay special attention to the limitations on the Allies such as production limits for FEC and SA ICs. Keep watch on U.S. units such as submarines and battleships whose combat values change later in the game. Mind any open Soviet territories you leave behind, they tend to sprout partisans…I’m sure you’ll have an effective einsatz…errr…solution :evil: to those.

    Remember when two or more of your Uboats attack, that’s a pack and they get +1 to their attack values.

    The game is a lot like Zeno (but better) but I still miss the Uboat penns.

    Have fun.

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    Go Getm’ Gargantua”.

    ––I look forward to hearing your analysis of this new map/game. Especially after a few games. I’d imagine that’s where my small gang and I will be heading soon.

    Good Luck and watch out for the Kempietie!

    “Tall Paul”

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