• if you want to be a defeansive russian player you could be a defeansive player. but what is the fun in that. if you really want to bring it to the germans go offensive. a country cant produce units without ipc. they cant get ipc without territory. attack and attack. if russia attacks then germany will be forced to defeand. they will have a good sting for a counter offensive. but with the allies help, the germans are doomed

  • Care to be more specific? Where should the russian player attack? And while it is potentially a valid strategy in no-bid depending on how it is implemented, Russia cannot attack without the allies so what is the point in mentioning them? I mean, I’m glad you came up with a “other strategy”, but why don’t I just list all of the other options you could potentially come up with. Germany - attack or defend, uk - attack or defend, japan - attack or defend, us - attack or defend. Now that I’ve covered all the strategies, maybe we can dig into details a bit?

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