100 Years since the Act that Sparked the Great War

  • June 28, 2014 is 100th Anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferninand. Since this is the A&A community, are there any interesting ideas for this Saturday in June?

    One idea I have is to play both WWI and WWII side-by-side (inviting ~10 players). It would be educational for my friends who have only played WW2, but do not know a thing about WW1.

    Another idea is to play Diplomacy, and play with the resulting alliances.

    Anything else interesting? I would love to hear your ideas!

  • Me and me buds are currently planning a 13 man Hearts of Iron 3 game this Sunday to celebrate.

  • Will you be using the World War 1 mod  :-D?

  • A couple of friends and I are organizing a 1914 tournament. Not on jst one day, but numerous days, starting June 28. Four players at a time, 2 vs 2. We want every player to rotate countries, so that he has played every country.
    We are not sure yet how to calculate points. Maybe a point for every enemy country forced into political collapse, or something.

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