Question about Axis and Allies 1914 World War 1 order of battle

  • When Larry Harris designed this game….

    What does each actual piece represent? Example what does one inantry figure equate too?

    Does an infantry figure equal a division? Does an artillery piece equal corp artillery…

    When I see 6 infantry And 2 artillery is that equal to 2 infantry corps?

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    There are no fixed scales of pieces to real-life military units in any of the strategic-level A&A games.  The number of pieces of each type is meant to evoke the “feel” of the conflict rather than represent the actual numbers of the forces involved.

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    I don’t have the rules in front of me, but there is a vague mention of “corps” in the rule book. And while not explicitly mentioned, that is probably the best approximation.

    As state above, it’s not set in stone. And if anything, it represents a typical European corps. But that in turn was equivalent to an American or Bulgarian division. (US corps were larger; Bulgarians had no corps. Only field armies and very large divisions).

    The higher, starting concentration of artillery simulates the per gun total per division, I think. German artillery was better suited for high trajectory fire. Meanwhile, the typical amount of artillery per Turkish division was about 25 guns (Hence 1 artillery piece with most Turk unit concentrations).

    If you house ruled this, you could use different attack/defense values for each nation, esp. on a D12.

  • Gentalmen thank you for your input I appreciate that and I’m going to go back and look through the rule book and see what it says but your obviously right….

    My wargame buddies. And I really. Like this game…

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