• Why not use your techs and NA’s in conjunction? These are the ones I could come up with. If anyone else has any other suggestions, then lemme hear 'em! :P

  • Most are voting for the heavy bombers, for quite obvious reasons. I like the Wolf packs/super subs though. If you have at least three subs (right?) you’re attacking at a four or less. You could destroy any Navy at will, and at only 8 IPC’s a pop, you could also afford to. Of course, subs do have their drawbacks (can’t defend against air units, and only @ a two or less), but if your two NA’s were U-boat and Wolf packs along with super subs, you could do serious damage with an 8 IPC piece. It’s very economically attractive, and you could turn the game in your favor with a few little submarines.

    Oh, and by the way, you said InterDick :lol:.

  • I agree for wolfpack/supersubs. if the opposing navy also has no destryers then its a real free for all. combined bombardment is a dangerous tech as i’ve learned. match it up with something else and it becomes a real advantage. IN ter Dick

  • I vote for tokyo express + bombardment. The sub combo is nice but Germany has very little need for subs because he has to prosecute a land war against Russia as well, so the interdiction would be better if you want to play the economic shutdown with subs, but interdiction doesn’t really combine well with super subs since the subs you’re building aren’t necessarily attacking anything (in fact they’re probably getting hunted by planes).

    Tokyo express and bombardment turns destroyers into a hybrid transport/battleship, which I think it very helpful for prosecuting island wars and such. For the price of one battleship you can get 2 bomabrdments with 2 destroyers, and they can carry 1 inf apiece too! That would be great to take back islands or invade US with all those bomardments and you could easily reinforce manchuria and the like.

    Bombers are ok but still they’re expensive and you need to build stuff to shield them with as US; all you’re doing with heavy bombers is nearly guaranteeing a hit per bomber and/or getting high IPC damage rolls. Although this possibly could be very strong against germany if you land bombers in UK, getting the max 10 out of his territory every turn.

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