• How soon can a player use a captured airbase to scramble?
    Say Japan captures honolulu J3.A USA3 attack on sz26 forces surviving jap fighters to land on honolulu.(damaged or sunk carriers)
    Can the jap aircraft scramble if ANZ attacks sz26 on rd3?Assume honolulu airbase is 'nt damaged.

  • Yes they can scramble in ANZ3.
    Just as legally as landing there in US3 after the attack ;-).

    The situation you just described is an excellent example of how soon a nation can use an airbase for scramble!

  • TY glad to have that question answered.
    Another question about combat sequence.SBR raids on bases happens BEFORE general combat?I want to be sure if its legal to knock out an airbase before a sea battle in order to prevent a scramble?

  • No. After you decide on all your combat moves, then the other player decides where (if anywhere) that they want to scramble. Then you proceed with all your combat, including SBR raids.

  • Second that.

    Scrambling (and intercepting) decisions are made during Combat Movement Phase -but after all CM are made. I.e. after scrambling(s) there can be no reaction(s) from the attacker.
    SBR happens during the Conduct Combat Phase.

  • So the scramble happens before the airbase can be bombed.TY so much for clearing that up for us :-)

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