• I am about to start playing with germany for the first time and know of operation sealion. My question is this, is there one best sequence for a successfull operation sealion or can you vary it up in your experience. I would be interested in reading several buy options.

  • The only thing I think you /must/ do is buy a CV on G1.  This will make sure your fleet survives and can be quite useful throughout the game.

  • This might be a dumb question but what is a cv?

  • They have some funny acronyms here, the CV is an Aircraft Carrier.

  • Thats what the actual acronym is.

    AC: Aircraft Carrier
    BB: Battleship
    DD: Destroyer
    AP: Transport
    CA: Cruiser (Heavy)
    SS: Submarine
    CL: Cruiser (Light)

    I think these are it anyway

  • Another option, besides the CV buy, is to invest in bombers.

    Do a strat. bomb on London G1 (with 2 bombers), and do another one with 2 + 2 on G2 (with a G1 buy of 2 bombers and whatever else your heart desires for 6 IPCs).

    In my opinion, it’s the better option because once you’re through taking London, extra bombers are far more useful against the USSR than a carrier.

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