VOTE TODAY!!!- DiceTower's Top 100 games- Axis and Allies series

  • Hey everyone, sorry this is a little late.  The dicetower is a website that produces some of the top reviews (video) and podcasts in the boardgaming world.  They have a partnership with (top online retailer of boardgames) so that should tell you something.  They give excellent reviews.  For the last couple of years the show’s host Tom Vasel has allowed the people to choose the top 100 boardgames for that particular year (usually Sept.).

    Tom has reviewed many many great games and is a pretty good reviewer in my opinion.  However, he has not reviewed the lastest Axis and Allies lineup.  He doesn’t really care for the game, so it gets no publicity or love- at least from him.  This is our chance to voice our opinion about AA.  900+ people have voted already and the poll can be compared to poll.  What’s nice about the dicetower poll though is that people can only vote their games positively not vote down or negatively like  This give this particular poll some better credibility IMHO.

    Anyway, go vote, it will take 2 minutes.

    1. Go to this site:

    2. On the top bar click “Top 100”, then “People’s Choice Voting”

    3. Register- Name and email only (emails are not shared).

    4. You may be returned to the homepage after registering so then just repeat step 2, log in and vote.

    Ranking your top 20 games DOES matter as games near the top will get more points.  Collectively it would help if we all could rank AAE40, AAP40 and AA1914 in the top 3 spots with maybe AA42 and AA42 after if you like.  You don’t have to fill out the rest of the spots unless you want to.  There is an automatic search engine that looks for the game as you type it in and press “search” with the corresponding BBG number ( listing).  You should always check this to ensure you have the right version as there are over 30,000 games in the BBG database.

    Voting will close sometime Wednesday or Thursday Tom said so don’t delay!


    1. Axis and Allies Europe 1940 (bbg id: 61692)
    2. Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 (bbg id: 55829)
    3. Axis and Allies: WWI 1914 (bbg id: 133956)
    4. Axis and Allies: 1942 (bbg id: 41863)
    5. Axis and Allies 1941 (bbg id: 123158)
      😄 😄 😄

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