Axis & Allies fans, rejoice! On October 6, 2022, Renegade Game Studios announced their new partnership with Hasbro, which includes the production of several iconic games, including the beloved strategy game Axis & Allies. This exciting news was announced in a press release on Renegade’s website.

Not only is Renegade producing these games, but they also have big plans for the future of Axis & Allies. One aspect of this partnership is the creation of a brand new website dedicated solely to Axis & Allies. This website will be the go-to source for information on the game, including upcoming releases and events such as the Axis & Allies World Championship.

One of the most innovative aspects of this partnership is the plan to involve fans in the development process. Renegade plans to allow fans to vote on new themes to add to the line and even participate in the selection process for new editions of the game. This approach is similar to what Beamdog did with the PC and tablet version of A&A 1942, where fan feedback was instrumental in creating a great product.

In addition to the new website and fan involvement, Renegade also plans to release new printings of classic editions of the game, as well as the return of some long out-of-print versions. This is great news for fans who have been searching for those hard-to-find editions.

It’s worth mentioning that this announcement is a few months old and referred to ongoing “negotiations” but It looks like it all worked out. Some members of our forums have discovered a few sites offering pre-orders for Axis & Allies games with Renegade Games as the publisher. Fans and new players will have the chance to purchase the game soon!

All in all, this partnership between Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro is an exciting development for fans of Axis & Allies. The plans to involve fans in the development process and the creation of a dedicated website are sure to lead to a bright future for the game. We can’t wait to see what Renegade has in store for us!

Update: Renegade Game Studios is having a virtual conference, RenegadeCon Virtual, on February 3-4. On February 3, 2023 at 4:30pm PT, they will be making announcements on “what’s to come for Axis & Allies.”

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