New Axis & Allies games may become hard to find

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    Something to be aware of - it may become difficult to find any new A&A games for sale on store shelves. I’ve been asking around at different game shops. I wanted to know which A&A games can be ordered from central distributors. What I found was that, depending on who you ask, either only A&A Pacific 1940 (2nd Ed.) or no games at all are available from distributors.

    I was then told that Hasbro has moved the Avalon Hill imprint from being a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast to being a direct subsidiary of Hasbro itself. The store owner telling me this concluded that the A&A pipeline will shut down while Hasbro and/or Avalon Hill figure out what to do next.

    This doesn’t mean that no copies of A&A are available for sale - just that as those copies at game stores are sold off, they won’t be replaced until this situation is resolved.

    I don’t know just how much of the above is 100% correct. But I thought I would get the word out, so that my fellow forum members might know.


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    Thanks for the information.

    Next week, I’ll check with the shops in Denmark, in which we by our games, to figure out their supply situation.


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