• This past Friday I got my friends together to play our 2nd game of Global 1940…… The majority of my friends arrived at around 2:30 but two of our more experienced players couldn’t make it until 6 due to work and some family issues… in those 3 1/2 hours we brainstormed a lot of Ideas for teams and ended up with Myself as Japan and my friend Justin (who I described in my previous post on “Americas Fleet attacking Germany” as my equal if not superior) as Germany with my friend Ian as Italy… myself and everybody knew that Justin and I together would be incredibly unfair so we created a lot of factors which we hoped would balance out the teams (my friend Ian had never played axis and allies before which would balance out mine and Justin’s experience, we put an inf and art in French indo-china, made it easier for America to go to war, and the fact that I had only played as the axis once before and never played Japan)

    Justin (10 time player) = 3rd Reich
    Myself (9 time player) = Empire of Japan
    Ian (new player) = Kingdom of Italy
    Lucas (3 time player) = United Soviet Socialist Republics/France
    Dillon (9 time player) = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Morgan (1 time player) = United States of America/China
    Matthew (1/2 time player) = Australian New Zealand Army Corps

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Dillon and Lucas I started plotting with the rest of the axis on our strategy. Now, Justin is more of a natural when it comes to strategy and figures out what he is going to do once the game goes on and doesn’t think about strategy beforehand, so he was all ears when i started filling him in with the advice I have seen throughout the forums about German strategy, specifically that of how to pull of an extremely successive G1 Barbarossa and taking forces from the west so there is just enough to take out France and still occupy it along with Normandy G1 while shipping enough east so that Russia is nothing short of overwhelmed… And Italy I filled in on all the tips and tricks that I possibly could to manage in axis and allies in the given amount of time… finally, after a lot of potato chips, Halo split screen, and plotting for world conquest, the last two allied powers arrived… And brought with them chaos… they simply would not settle for being put against myself and Justin and there were a lot of thrown goldfish because of it… so much to my dismay I was traded with Lucas and was now put in charge of the USSR, all my given advice to Nazi Germany was now going to most likely be my downfall…

  • So the Game opened up with the Germans doing exactly as i suggested, pulling off a Barbarossa, denying my SZ 125 NO, taking France/Normandy, and incapacitating my Ukrainian Industrial complex with strategic bombing to the maximum of 6(with one S. bomber) all on G1. He then purchased 5 tanks in Germany to let me know that this Eastern Front was going to be as bloody as the real one…… The Axis advance across the European/Mediterranean theater was Unparalleled. By F1, Both Cairo and Leningrad were in danger of being overrun the very next round… the only significant allied counterattack on the axis the whole round were the destruction of the German Baltic fleet (the Cruiser and Transport, not the Battleship), driving the Germans back out of Bessarabia, and ultimately fulfilling Taranto (UK lost a fighter, Tac. bomber, and a destroyer compared to Italy’s loss of only a transport and one hit on its Battleship)… the pacific theatre on the other hand experienced an uneasy calm as a miscommunication on the part of Japan made it think that it was not at war with china, so both sides built up for the coming onslaught … the next rounds continued and on the Russian  front the only soviet progress was driving the sub out of SZ 125 via a purchased destroyer… i spent all other IPC’s on inf and the occasional artillery for mostly unsuccessful counterattacks… The axis around the board kept their momentum culminating in the successful siege of Leningrad G4… This however was the last major axis victory… Italy’s fleet and ground forces in North Africa were slaughtered in the payoff of UK building an IC in Egypt and moving most of its Indian fleet and South African destroyer into the Med… In the pacific, the battle of Midway was recreated and just like in history, the bulk of Japans fleet was lost and American dominance of the pacific was assured when Japans AC, BB, CR, and 2 DD went up against Americas 3 BB, AC, 3 fighters, 2 CR, 1 DD, 1 sub… Even though America took heavy losses, the battle resulted in no Japanese naval presence east of the home islands (other than the Carolina isle.)… In mainland Asia, Chinese forces managed to take advantage of their artillery and retook many territories and put pressure is on the brink of overrunning Shanghai and Hong Kong with British and ANZAC forces ready to assist from the south… A foolish venture by the Japanese was a attack on Siberia (which held 4 soviet inf) by 3 strategic bombers, which resulted in one soviet casualty and all 3 planes lost by Japan… these major losses suffered by Japan at land, air, and sea resulted in a very defeatist attitude by the player and a sealed victory in the pacific for the allies… the European Axis consisted of now still achieving victories, but of a much smaller scale and their momentum clearly slowing… After the loss of its North African forces Italy transported all reaming tanks and many infantry to Libya to hold out but suffered the loss of all remaining transports and subsequently its entire navy at the hands of the French navy… The Germans now have a stack of 8 tanks bordering and have held Leningrad… however they have been pushed back in the south out of Rostov and in the north out of Archangel and Moscow holds 12 inf an art and 3 AAA, and the Wehrmacht/ Luftwaffe has been spread far too thin to maintain its position in the east and will soon be pushed back (there is 6 inf from Amur that has almost made it to Moscow and will allow soviets to invest in more art and tanks to push back the Germans… By this point it is 4:00 am and everyone is exhausted and wants to finish the game in the morning… I comply, but by the time morning roles around we are all still too exhausted and people start leaving… and so I am left with an incomplete allied victory and until we finish (if ever) the axis will not agree that they have lost even though Japan and Italy are practically defeated and UK/America have naval and air forces ready to open up a second front for Germany which would spell defeat for the Axis

  • these are the only pics that i could get which didn’t exceed the 1536 kb limit


  • these are with my phone taking them while turned around as if i was taking a selfie (they use less storage to post) if anybody knows a better way to post pics please tell me as i still have board set up as it ended downstairs


  • not to be rude or anything, but can you provide better quality pics?

  • I have a boatload of good pics but they were all to high of res to be viewed as attachments…… i am still working on getting better pics that are below the 1536 kb limit

  • '13

    FYI Adobe Lightroom will compress the pics but still keep best possible resolution. There are other tools but this one is straightforward to use and the full version is free for 30 days. I’m a creative photographer and use it all the time.

    To change picture size - import pics first. Then select pics to change, click Export (bottom left corner) and under File Settings / Limit File Size To, put in the size you want. You can also clean up the white balance and tone to take out that yellow tint.

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