• Question: Does anyone play without NEW complexes? It seems the majority play this way, is there anyone else that doesn’t?

    Been playing since High School and I’m now in my 30s. My friends feel this evens things out a bit between the Allies and Axis forces and makes planning and purchasing a lot more challenging and creates more realistic “supply” routes.

    My house rules:

    No new complexes

    No Russian first attack

    Germany has super subs for their superior technology and the “wolf pack” tactics

    Eastern Europe worth $6

    Planes cannot hit subs (and vice versa of course)

    Pieces can be given to friendly forces but must done on the recievers territory and remain idle for one turn (outfitting, training, and “painting”), usually only done with planes to Russia

    So looking for feed back pro or con on why

  • im dont play with no new IC’s because i find it hard for UK to win cause i useualy buy an IC on South africa, and india, and then maybe later on Australia. but when im Germany(witch im usualy always) i only usualy buy 1 on caucus(SP?) to help reinforce the Eastern front better. but people will probably dis-agree with me because ive only been playing for about 6 months or so.

  • Hey CP, I like this idea!

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