• Is it just me, or is there 3 IPC’s there for the taking that never seem to change hands? Brazil just sits there, game after game with no counters on it. Is it too far away to deal with? Would the US allow this to happen? What are your thoughts on taking, or re-taking Brazil?

  • Brazil usually crossing hands when the Japaneese bring their fleet around into the Atlantic to piss off the US.

  • It’s kind of remote and hard to get at, so it isn’t taken as often as other territories of equal value.

  • Usually one German transport around South Africa will be enough to take Brazil and Madagascar

  • One of our Japan players will try for it on occasion. I, am trying to figure out:
    A. Is it strategic enough to take as Germany?
    B. Is it too costly for Germany to go after early?
    C. If you were playing the US, how hard would you try to take it back?

    You can’t get too it except by sea, so it seems secure.

  • It’s the same old German Trans-Atlantic Problem: If you throw a lightly-armed fleet (that is 1 BB w/ a few TR w/ maybe a couple subs) out past Gibraltar, whether you are going for UK, USA or Brazil/Central America, the Allies will TOTALLY see it coming and reinforce the territories and/or annihilate your fleet. If you build up the fleet w/ a CV and a few fighters, your European forces could be so weakened that you could be invaded before any effect is achieved. Therefore usually (though not always) if Germany takes Brazil, the game is already over–the Axis have pretty much whomped the Allies.
    Regardless of these musings, know this for a fact: the USA player is very aware that Brazil is the boards ONLY unoccupied 3-IPC territory, and will be keeping a close eye on it. The idea of “sneaking” a German fleet under their noses to South America, while tantalizing, is not often a viable prospect.

    Just my $0.02 on the matter.


  • Usually by turn 3 can Japan take Brazil. This places America’s home fleet at risk since Japan’s fleet is much more formidable than Germany’s. Besides, Japan taking Brazil poses much more of a threat as a factory in Brazil could mean a huge differance in the Atlantic

  • I think that Germany should not be the one to take Brazil. Japan should take it in order to aid in the Atlantic Offensive.
    Germany needs its resources to pressure Russia and Britian. With Japan making a move to Brazil, the US will need to divert precious resources to the cause.
    I think this could be an effective strategy, but a little risky as well.

  • Well if you want to read more about the japanese in brasil in turn 3, there is don’s warroom you find under donsessays.freeservers.com a http site.

    its a very specific strategy requiering that you plan and learn to excute it correct, before trying it out. But good luck , its makes for some very interesting play. But I warn you, there is a lot to read!!

    (i hope i had not offended any forum rules by mention this address, )

    with regards

  • I have heard more than enough about the “Essay”. All I heard for weeks, when one of our play groups found them on the web, was you gotta read this, it is great. Week after week after week after week. Finally, we get a chance to play and this guy has GB. I am playing US, well, at least I am trying to play US, but the Brits keep saying, that’s not how the essay says you should do that, or you should do this because the essay says so. I like to play the game my way, in a concerted effort with my allies, however, when one person starts trying to play all three sides, the games loses its interest quick.
    We were victorious anyway, because Russia and the US played the way we usually play and followed our basic stragegy.
    Myself and our resident expert had heard enough essay talk. We told him to pick a side to play and use his essay strategy as the entire side. He chose allies. I will give the essay credit, the strategy was sound and the game was tight until the end, but we were able to oveerpower the fleets and hold the oceans. Game Over.

  • The reason I mention it is it gives very specific describtion on how to try to counter a “normal” allied tactic chrushing germany first. And this is done by letting Japan taking brazil in round 3.

    It doesn’t sound like you have looked at it.
    It is worth reading , though I don’t agree with every thing. And I too have meet people behaving like it was the oracle of delphi.
    There is a lot of wisdom (and arrogance) in it, and most player would learn something from it. But not necesarry by reading it only, with some practice results comes.

    good luck

  • I respect any player who can write in depth essays like that that cover both the Axis and Allie Campaigns. Even though it allows for little flexibility (keyword: lots of infantry), it’s a surefire tactic for beginners and experts alike.

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