• Hey, I’m new to the A+A world. I’m looking for a game in the Boston area, anyone have any ideas?

  • Check in the find players thread.  Try PBEM/F unless you are looking for a face2face game.  Good luck.

  • You can play online go to www.axisandalliesworldclub.com you can play with no CD patch our new patch out in 4.1. This patch fixes bugs and creates a better AutoSave and some more. The name of out club is aawc and we have 2v2 play with leagues and 1v1 play with leagues and tournaments. The name of our 2v2 is Squadron(Squad) and Mercenary(Merc). Anyone and everyone signed up to aawc can play in Merc. In Squad you must be on a team to play. You can join a team or create 1 but you have to have people to create one with or you must have a captain agree to let you join. The name of our server is WarZone, which has 5 different servers on it with A&A, Outlaws, Panzer General 2, Risk2, and total Annihilation.    Hope to see you on the zone.

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