Japan more valuable to the Axis powers than the USSR is to the Allies

  • After many games of the Global 1940……OOB all the way up to A+3 2ND EDITION…it seems that in the games we play Japan is very brittle. Depending on how Europe is going the USA may be going all in the Pacific. This makes it very difficult for the Japanese considering it turns into a 4 against 1 war in that theater. We played a game where i took Moscow but the US just crushed the Japs. It was clear that after Tokyo fell the war was lost. Any thoughts to my theory?

  • '12

    That’s pretty much it.  As the Axis you can’t just plan on Moscow, you have to plan on what happens after that.  This means you have to be able to get either London or Cairo.  Cairo can be a lot easier to get late-game, but only if you helped keep Italy alive.  If you let Italy get crushed, then taking Moscow doesn’t matter as you won’t win (if Japan also went down as you say).

  • TripleA

    You can push for Egypt after taking Russia. It can be difficult.

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