TripleA Global 1940 Alpha +3 Blockade Question/ Anzac Question

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    Map: Global 1940 Alpha +3

    Hi all,  😄

    Question: blockade
    This is a be tricky to explain, but i will try it.
    Lets take seazone 106 but this also happen in all zones with the convoi symbol.
    Germany attacks in round 1 with a submarine, the UK has a destroyer and a transporter.
    Germany wins, the submarine survived.
    The seazone is now “Current Owner German”. Next turn the submarine leave seazone 106 but the seazone is further on “Current Owner German”. If UK buys now a transporter in seazone 106, he can load the transporter in the next round only in the “Combat round”, not in the “Non combat round”, because the current owner is still germany. Is this a rule of alpha +3, where can i find it in the rulesbook?

    Especially for newbys is it very painfull to examine all seazones to check them, “Can i load my transport in the Non Combat phase?”.
    A lot of the times, someone forget it and that can decide games.
    How do you handle it?

    Question to Anzac:
    Why can´t Anzac attack a True Neutral, lets say Chile in south america if they want to do this? I don´t say it´s smart but we have often new players and they want do it.
    All powers can declare war to true neutral, but not the Anzac can do this. We figured out, when france declare war on the true neutral, than anzac can attack them, but this not a good idea because axis can now occupy true neutrals long before it is anzac´s turn.

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    1.  This is a bug and is already fixed in the next version (which you will see when it is eventually released). 
    You can get around this by using edit mode to change the ownership of the seazone, or by using edit mode -> action -> move the units while in edit mode.
    Just ignore it when you can, and fix it when you can’t.  There can be no “owner” of a seazone (not in global anyway).

    2. Who on earth attacks true neutrals with anzac, or anyone for that matter?  If any of the allies declare war on true neutrals (or any of the axis), anzac will be able to attack true neutrals as well.  I would suggest not attacking them however, as that is completely insane.

  • Thanxs Veqryn for your fast answers. 😄 😄

    You are right that an experienced player would not attack an True Neutral with Anzac, but that is not the point. We have a lot of beginners, players who are interested to learn Axis & Allies Global.
    We figured out, that it is the best thing, to let them play like they want, if you always says no, that is a bad move, they loose very fast the fun and you see them never again. But if you let them play like they want (according to the rules of course) and we are talking about a game newby against newby, they have fun and we saw a lot of crazy but interesting games.
    And the best of all is, most of this newbys come back and so more people play Axis & Allies and i hope use later TripleA.
    So if there is no rule that says you can´t attack True Neutral with Anzac, than please build it in, if it is not to much work for you.

    That is only my opinion. You do an excellent job with TripleA and so please don´t see it as critic, see it to help TripleA to get better and all in all to find more players, especially beginners because you don´t need to convince the experts they love your tool but the trick to earn new players is the accessibility of TripleA and as much more rules are implemented more beginners will be interested in Triple A.

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    All powers can declare war to true neutral, but not the Anzac can do this.

    I think Veqryn may be misreading this post.  I believe the OP is reporting a bug that ANZAC is not allowed to declare war on the true neutrals during their turn.  The usefulness of such a move is a side-issue.

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