• I’ve been searching for a while now and can’t see anyone else post this question…

    A sea zone has a 2 German Subs in it and nothing else… GBR decides to attack this sea zone with a Battleship.

    Does this mean that as soon as the attackers show up and say “Okay - we are attacking you” the very first thing that happens is the defending subs say “Ok … we are being attacked… Here is our “sneak” attack first.”  They go ahead and roll snake eyes and GBR loses the Battleship with no chance of retaliation.

    Is this correct?

    Secondly I am to understand that 4 fighters cannot inflict any damage whatsoever on any subs unless they bring a destroyer with them to the battle?

  • Even defending subs, if they are undetected, fire in the opening phase and casaulties are immediately removed. So yes, they could sink the BB before it even gets a slot.

    As I understand it, you cannot attack subs unless you detect them. Therefore, without a destroyer, they will get opening shots. After that, the sub’s player could chose to remain in battle which makes them detected and eligible for attack from air. Of course, I cannot imagine anyone doing that since AFAIK subs cannot attack aircraft.

  • you can attack subs without detecting them in revised, but the subs have the option of submerging after the first round of combat. this is why planes are ideal in revised against subs

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    Welcome, jimboslimbo!

    To be clear, subs always fire in Opening Fire, before other units.  The presence or absence of an enemy destroyer simply determines when subs’ casualties are removed.  In your example, there is no attacking destroyer, so the casualties from the subs are removed immediately and will not get a chance to fire.  If there had been an attacking destroyer, the subs’ casualties would get to return fire.  Note that a sub hit by another sub will always fire, as both are firing simultaneously in Opening Fire.

    In this game you don’t need destroyers in order to hit subs with air units.  The fighters will get one round of fire before the subs can submerge.  An attacking destroyer would simply keep the subs from submerging (forcing them to endure additional rounds of attacks) until the destroyer was sunk.

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