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Amphibious assault - rules question

  • Suppose Germany has a destroyer northwest of Norway, and 3 infantry on Norway itself, at the end of the first German turn.

    Now suppose UK attacks the destroyer with a fighter, and attempts to land infantry and tank, plus sends fighter and bomber to hit Norway itself.

    So the combats are UK fighter and loaded transport vs German destroyer


    UK infantry, tank, fighter, and bomber vs 3 German infantry.

    My understanding is -

    IF the destroyer destroys the fighter, the transport can retreat.  UK must then conduct one round of combat with fighter and bomber (only!) attacking the three infantry on Norway.

    The UK infantry and tank do NOT die, but they cannot be unloaded during noncombat.  They will stay on the UK transport; UK can unload them on UK’s next combat or noncombat move.

  • Official Answers

    That’s correct.

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