• :? ok in the 1942 spring  edition’s rule book it says something like you can go ow ever long u want on ur combat move or something and that confused me. so my question is how much combat can i get into before my combat move is over, or can i just go on for however long i want attaking and attaking whatever territories i can and end it wen im satisfied cuz i am olmost positive that you cant lol so hw many battles can i get in before the combat move is over? :? :|

  • You can do as much battles as you want in Combat Move as long as, things can reach, but theres really no limit like if you have an infantry connected to every other territory you can attack every other territory

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    You may attack as many territories as your units can legally reach in their combat movement.  However, all combat movement must be completed before any combat is resolved.  As a result, you may not, for example, move into and attack a territory, resolve combat, then move into the next territory and attack it all on the same turn.  The only exception is an amphibious assault, in which both a sea battle and a land battle may be fought in the same turn.

  • thank you ver much.  kreighund: so lets say i had an infantry in russia and an infantry in china both of which are soviet troops so on my combat move i could move the china infantry into japenese controlled kuwakatung (or how ever u spell it i dont have the board in front of me)  and then i would move my russia infantry into whatever its tuching thats german controlled then i would have to go back over to kuwakatung and commence combat then go back to wherever i moved my russian troop and commence combat there?

  • ahhhh i see why that is its so that u dont move an infatry into 1 place then conduct combt then keep moving that same  infantry over and over agian into combat right?

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    You’ve got it, Turkey!

  • :-D thx alot  this will dramaticly change how we play the game  cuz i played where u would conduct combat once and that was the end of ur combat move

  • O_o It would make things terribly time-consuming if you were only allowed one combat per turn.

  • @Jaycawbz:

    O_o It would make things terribly time-consuming if you were only allowed one combat per turn.

    The game would suck

  • :roll: lol it was  to tell you the truth we have never actually finished a single game but now im very gld i know this. right now im looking for a bigger map (spring 1942) im looking at IL’s supreme 1942 map and am not seeing a diffrence besides the neutrals but is it bigger than the origonal size? is that all?

  • ok now the samequestion goes for  a non combat move how many times can i move then?

  • IL’s map is bigger than original size and there’s a thread that will tell you it’s dimensions, I don’t remember off hand.

    In noncombat move, you aren’t limited to a set number of moves. If the moves are all legal, you can make any number of them. Remember that planes can’t land in a territory just captured that turn.

  • thanks alot

  • You can hop on over to the TripleA site and download/install that game engine.  You can get a feel for rules, etc. from some of the maps you can download.


  • I’m going to post this question here instead of starting a seperate thread for it.

    Can a land unit move 1 space to reach the coast line, be loaded in a transport, and than unloaded in an amphibious assault? ex: Inf from C.US to E.US with trans in sz10, loads, than is dropped off in G-controlled Alg.

    Vice versa, if yes, can this be done in a non-combat move scenario as well?

  • No. Your one movement is the loading onto the transport. Any land unit on a transport can be loaded and offloaded on a single turn but it takes up all their movement.

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