• Hey there, I am a new player, and my opponent and I are having a disagreement about a nuance in the rulebook after a capital is captured. Here is the situation. Japan has crushed russia, and captured Moscow. Then the UK came and captured Karelia. Now my two part question is A. Can UK use the production there, and B. Does the UK get the 3 production for holding the country at the end of their turn? It was my understanding that it would still be russias, because it is their country, although they just simply don’t get paid for it. I do believe I remember Seeing in the rules somewhere, however, that you can use the production on a friendly country if their capital had fallen. Thanks a bunch in advance guys!

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    The UK cannot claim the IPCs or build there, if it is still owned by Russia.
    However, if it was German or Japanese, it can do both. It cannot build until next turn though.
    I hope that clears it up for you.

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    I think I have understood the British took it off the Axis. Am I right? If so, yes Britain gets the 3 Income and if it holds it a turn, can build next turn.

  • Ok. Was rereading over the rulebook, and it says “using an ally’s industrial complex: You CANNOT place your newly purchased units at an industrial complex owned by an ally. EXCEPTION: you can use an industrial complex in an ally’s territory that you liberated if the capital of this ally is in enemy hands.” I also finally found the rule for the other part of it as well. You are not the conquerer, just the liberator, blah blah blah, "EXCEPTION: if the original owner’s capital is in enemy’s hands at the time of such a liberation, the liberator collects the income value of the newly captured territory and can use an industrial complex there until the original owner’s capital is liberated (at which time the production levels would be readjusted)!

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    Good. Enjoy your games.

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