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    The scenario is Japan 1.  The brits have a carrier in Sz59, Japan wants to attack it with the BB in Sz60 1 on 1.  Can the BB move to Sz61 first then attack Sz59 in the case where the BB misses and the CV hits.  Japan doesn’t want to take the 1 in 3 risk of losing the BB so wishes to retreat to Sz61 where the rest of the builds are placed for safety?  The same case applies to a tank attacking an adjacent territory, can it take an indirect path through a friendly territory then attack when it was adjacent to the territory being attacked so it can retreat to this other friendly territory rather than the territory of original origin?  Would this be true in all flavours of Axis and Allies?

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    Thanks Krieg

  • Does the same rule apply of retreating 1 space back to the same space you orginated from to airplanes?

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    No.  Air units have different retreat rules.  They stay in the contested space until noncombat movement, then they move up to their remaining movement allowance (whatever movement was not used in combat movement) to a friendly territory or carrier.  Also, air units cannot establish a retreat route for land or sea units.

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