Transport load & move and Question to Cruiser Bombardement

  • Me and my brother have them game since friday.

    2 Discussions about the Rules came up

    1. Loading - Movement - Offloading of Transporters

    We are shure that it is possible in Combination with a sea assault.

    But it is possible to do in the non combat movement ? Example: Load in Japan move to the west cost and off load ? Or even use the boat as a bridge ?

    The Conflict we have that the rules say a loading/offloading movement is the complete movement off a unit.

    2. 2nd Discuission

    In case of an sea aussault with cruisers and battlercruisers. How often do the bombard the cost ? At the moment we do one bombardment and then go on with land / air battle.

    Thx for your advises


  • Official Q&A

    Welcome, duke!

    1. Yes, units may board a transport, be moved, and unload in a single turn, whether in combat movement or noncombat movement.  Loading and/or unloading uses a land unit’s entire movement, so it may load, unload or both.

    2. You’re doing it correctly.  Offshore bombardment occurs only once per amphibious assault, before the land battle begins.

  • Thx very much for your quick answer.

    The off/unloading in one movement gibts especially japan and britain more possibilities then in the games we did so far.

    The game is so great !!! Can’t believe it took me so long to find it 😉

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