How to play Sgt. Wonko's & TMTM's 1940 Global Module for ABattlemap ?

  • Hi,

    I just install this. Can somebody tell me where I can find a tutorial to be able to play this ?
    I found a lot of instruction of how to install it but so far, nothing to how to play with it.
    How to start a game ?
    How to buy, etc……


  • Anybody ?

  • Anyone from the pro’s can tell me ?

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    Abattlemap is a gaming utility, it is not a game.  It will not roll dice, nor track your money.  You would need TripleA for those functions, but to my knowledge, they do not have Global yet.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    OK, so, without TripleA, everything need to be controlled manually right ?(Dice, money, etc…)

    Regarding Abattlemap, Is there a Tutorial explaining how to use it ?

    As an example,How to remove units from the board when a battle is done ?
    how to change the territorial owner ship when a battle is done ?
    What is the purpuse of Sektor editor and how to use it ?

    Thanks for your help

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    I’m almost positive there are many links on this site on how to use Abattlemap - up to and including how to make your own games with it.

    1)  You can move pieces individually, 5 at a time, 10 at a time or all at once by using combinations of shift, tab and shift-tab.  Play with the map to figure them out.
    2)  The game will automatically track the value of your income, you just have to remember to put a “flag” down.
    3)  To get new pieces you click the icon you want in the “toolpieces” and click the map.  The same shit, tab and shift-tab functions will work.

    Then the only trick is figuring out what pieces are what.  Secret:  Put it on the board and look in the “info” box, it will show the IPC increase in units for that country on the board.  That’s how I figured them out back in the day.  They are also listed from lowest cost on the left to highest on the right - in order of unit type (land, air, water, facilities).  Could be wrong on some modules, but that’s pretty much standard.

    Start a game:  File>New>Map

  • OK, that’s a start, thanks !
    I will start back looking but so far for the ‘‘How to use it’’ tutorial……nada.


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