• Hi. I’m a Chinese AA palyer,so I’m not good at English.If there are some grammar mistakes ,just ignore them…

    I palyed AA europe with my friend in Sunday.I controled allies and there is no doubt that I lost the game as I lose the British in the second turn.

    In my opinion, it’s almost impossible to hold British in second turn except for the bad lucky of the axis player,only if German player spend up all of his money in navy in 1 turn ,and then Germany player blow up the british ship in the north see and deploy all of its ship and airfore to attack the british,the fall of London is determined

    I only have 17 IPC in 1 turn and barely manufacture 2 infanties and 1 fighter.the power gap between the two countries is so large that it really make me confused that how to hand on without the help of Us.

    By the way ,AA is a good game but it’s hard for us to summon enough persons to play this game .

  • Hi FlowerG and welcome here!

    17 IPC? I think you are confused with the French army’s money.

    UK has about 30 IPC’s to begin with, and in the original rules (OOB) they can buy 10 infantry if Germany is planning to attack London.

  • Welcome FlowerG.

    I agree, out of box rules allow too easy of a sealion.  We staged a game where UK built only infantry and Germany focused solely on sealion.  Germany still took London with no problem.  We’ll be playing with Alpha rules from now on.

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