• I’m inviting some rookie Risk players over friday night. You have any ideas to change the game for some of us seasoned players that need more than Risk in our board game diets? Need to simple enough for very inexperieced players, but more advance than what Risk offers.

    I like the LOTR leader idea.

    Any others?

  • Change the amounts.
    Make the soldiers not just worth one, but like an actual infantry unit
    Make the Calvary Calvary that have special rules
    Make the Cannon’s cannon that have special rules.

    For example keep Risk’s basic rules, but make infantry if they role 1s, 2s, and 3s not high enough to land an attack
    Calvary if the get 1’s or 2’s they can’t be hit
    Cannons if they get 1 it won’t hit.

    Also make Infantry worth 1 money or whatever they’re called in risk
    Calvary $3
    Cannon $5

    This may sound retarded, but it might work.

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