Is the new "Lord of the Rings" RISK any good???

  • This game, the Trilogy Edition, is very good, IMO.  It gives you the flavor of Risk and the flavor of LOTR.  The events are all based on the trilogy.  The game introduces a new Risk piece called the “leader.”  The game does not suffer from the problem of original Risk because each game is played a little different due to missions required along the way.  It has a timeline so it is unusual for someone to get eliminated.  I’d give it at least three-and-a-half thumbs up, if you consider A&A Revised four thumbs.

  • Once a year my friends and I get together and play LOTR Risk. The game is fun. I think it’s best played with 5-6 players. The map is vast.

  • Why did it take myself a over a year to find this post.  LOLOL  :?

  • lotr risk is good, i have developed a new rule set, and set-up, with 5 classes of land units, and 2 classes of sea units,
    heroes, the ring, if the evil side capture the ring, they get re-inforcements and sauron enters the fray with superpowers,
    the object for the good side is to get the ring to mount doom, and the evil side have to capture the ring, and all strongholds, it is a very simple ruleset, with no board modifications, saruman, the witch king and the nazgul are represented, also the fellowship and faramir, the hobbits are represented by 1 hero token,
    the set-up is a general overview of the forces throughout the story, and re-inforcements are placed each round at strongholds that can hold 7 re-inforcements, or power sites that can hold 2 re-inforcements, all other territories are worth 1, and can not be re-inforced, there are infantry, artillery, cavalry, monster’s, siege machines, warships, and transport ships

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    its a great game actually, but its hard to find these days. Its like 4-5 years old actually…not exactly NEW.

  • yeah, i have the first edition, and the trilogy, the expansion is almost impossible to find for less than $150 - $200,
    the sculpt’s for the expansion are cool, i think that they still stock the first edition at a local shop, the expansion was never released, i searched the internet for the rulebook and cards for the battle for minas tirith, with no luck

  • the edition that i have is from 2003, parker brothers, it has a ring made of pewter, the first edition had a cardboard cut-out picture of a ring, and the map did not have the territories of mordor, gondor, and harondor,
    i would like to find a copy of the expansion, the new sculpts are of the ent, men of gondor, warg riders, and the uruk-hai,
    the new sculpts would fit in well with the house rules, the armies of men and elves, with the ent and giant eagles for monsters, the army of the uruk-hai, and the leader tokens for the fellowship, witch king, sauron, and saruman,
    i have no models of warships, or transport ships, wooden blocks for siege machines, and roundels for artillery,
    i can post the rules, if there is interest

  • I love LOTR!!!

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