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Best Risk games!

  • Feel free to share your most intense and fun Risk game. My favorite game was against my sister. She had controll of Asia and Australia and I had controll of North America and South America. Europe and Africa was being contested (we actually hardly ever attack over the Pacific ocean). I had most of my men in Greenland and hers were spread out over the edge of Asia. It was my turn, I conquered most of europe before I ran out of attacking men. She still had a good force in Asia. Unfortunately she had a reinforcement set for 12 armies. I wasn’t really worried until she put them on the board. Believe me, it wasn’t pretty for me. She finished conquering Africa and went on into South America (I had only 1 army in each territory). She went also and attacked Europe, slaughtering my puny army there. Well, the game went on to her winning and I coming into second place out of 4. Hope you liked my story.

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    I haven’t played Risk in years. I’ve been curious about the Legacy version but I don’t know if I can get a group of folks willing to do that.

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    I think it was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s when I played RISK for the last time. There had been only one edition and it came with three attacking dice and three defending dice. I have just read the rules of today’s editions and realized that it is more or less a different game nowadays. Interesting development, though.

  • Yeah, I have several classic risk games (hardly ever play them though). Some of them come with little minifigs, and one comes with cities. It’s hard to get my family to play.

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    Good action Topmat. The bro and I played the same version Panther did. Sometimes we’d get a third. By the end of it we were using clay to make tanks, bombers, nuclear missles etc.

    Then went to avalon hill’s Russian Campaign. Played that for a few years before vice and women took over : )

    Well, getting off track now, but yea, had a lot of fun playing risk.

  • @Topmat We played the LOTR Risk for years. We had some great times. The game had strongholds, mountain ranges, ports, and rivers.

  • +1 for LOTR risk. It was actually the game that then got me into A&A!

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