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    The Great War (1914)

    _It is the summer of 1914. The Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and his wife have just been assassinated in Sarajevo. In retaliation for this offense, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary has declared war on Serbia, an ally of Russia. This sparks a world of controversy and very quickly large military powers such as Germany, The Ottoman Empire, France, and Great Britain join in the fray. Two allegiances emerge, The Central Powers & The Allied Powers, with one goal in mind: WAR!

    Do you have the economic aptitude and tactical know how to help your nation survive The Conflict and rescue a world in peril. Are you brave enough to face tanks, planes and other modern warfare in order to lead your alliance to victory? “The Great War” has begun, and ready or not, you better lace up your boots and prepare for battle._

    The Game:
    _The Conflict is a global-strategy based game designed around the economic and military conditions of Europe in 1914. Players play in one of two alliances, The Central Powers or The Allied Powers, to defeat their opponents. Players choose among seven nations (Austria-Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Ottoman Empire, and Russia). After selecting a nation, players take turns completing their objectives during each round.

    Note: The Conflict requires players to strategize both economically and militaristically in order to win the game._

    Combat System:
    The Conflict has been extensively tested and designed by gamers for gamers. Players will take their turn each round to strengthen their tactical advantages and defend the borders of their nation. Each turn is broken down into Phases. Players must complete each previous phase in order to proceed onward with the rest of their turn. If a player decides to enter into combat with another player, they must, along with their opponent, roll a set number of D12 dice to determine the outcome of each individual battle. The Conflict uniquely deducts a combat penalty from the player with the weakest military strength in a territory. This combat penalty is taken off all of their dice rolls during the individual combat. The combat penalty allows for the strongest opponent to have a real-world advantage over their enemy, if they have a larger military presence in the area. Players can develop multiple (land, naval, and air) strategies to succeed. They can utilize 11 military units with unique capabilities to complete specific goals, upgrade technology, play one of three victory scenarios, as well as try a variety of player preferences.

    Game Pieces

    Expected Release Christmas 2011

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