• Where do I get the pieces for the new units for deluxe world war 2. Are they meant to be used with AA miniatures.
    Also the rules do not seem to stand alone. Is it meant to be an expansion.

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    list what you need and i will get a list.

  • What is deluxe world war 2?

  • I hope I am doing this right. I have looked at the rules and see the different type of infantry, planes, ect… I have world at war and have used 2 versions of axis and allies from the 80’s and 90’s with world at war. I have thuse used different colors for special pieces for world at war. That won’t work for this. To many pieces. So I need all of them.

    I understand that using different colors will work with some of the units, but if there are actual specific units to be represented, I would like to use those.


  • Is deluxe world war 2 a Xeno game?

  • No, haven’t played it yet, but definitely the best world map I have every seen of all AA games. I have been playing AA for almost 30 years. I have seen or tries some of the other AA, but have only bought the AA version 1, 2, and the lastest version. I only like to play the whole world, not parts. Xeno is an expansion set to AA. I have also played many expansions to AA of which I no longer have as World at War was the best.

    Deluxe World at War is something new to me. Go to advanceaxisandallies.com. It resembles xeno with all the same different type of games but better.


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    look. it is not that hard:

    some of the units you have and others you do not have. List the second part and i will look for parts.

  • With all do respect (considering I really want to play this map), I still don’t know where to get them. I really appreciate your help in geting them. I tend to be really curious and would like the answers to my questions in terms of, the pieces miniatures, is this suppose to be an expansion, ect…

    I know the game is out of print, that is why I just got the download, so my instinct tells me you are going out of your way to get this to me so I am not going to risk annoying.

    Sorry. My experience with AA has only been with the board games throughout the last 25 years. No game forums, ladders, online stuff, ect…

    I will try and get you the list tomorrow.

    Thank you

  • Deluxe World at War is something new to me. Go to advanceaxisandallies.com. It resembles xeno with all the same different type of games but better.

    IL is the man to talk to. That’s his game.

  • Sent a  couple of emails, post here just in case.

    OK, here it goes. Sorry it took so long. Curious? Was this meant to be an expansion for A&A? Doing some research, and it seems some of these units could be obtained from some of the more specialized A&A games, like A&APacific/Europe/D-Day ect… Is that where you are going to get the pieces.

    Anyways, since I have 2 versions of A&A, one very old and the revised, and World at War, some of the units can be represented by different colors as each version or game vary a bit. So I broke the list of units into 2.

    The could have list are units that I could represent by the different versions/colors of the basic pieces I have. But I would like the real thing if you can get it.

    The must have means I either do not have enough different versions of the piece or have nothing to represent the unit. Therefore I am assuming these pieces must exist as a seperate piece.

    Must Have


    Shock Troops  ( Russia )

    Mechanzied Infantry

    Marines ( USA )


    Heavy Armor

    Tank Destroyer

    Gaurds Tank ( Russia )

    Panzer Grenadiers ( Germany )

    Panzer SS. Armor


    Self Propelled Gun

    Heavy Artillery

    Rail Gun ( Germany )

    Katusha Rockets ( Russia )


    Dive Bombers

    Jet Bomber ( Germany )


    Hybrid Battle Ship

    Pocket Battle Ship ( Japan )

    Heavy Cruiser

    Destroyer (Escort)



    Could Have


    Light Infantry

    SS Infantry ( Germany )

    British Commandos

    Guard Infantry ( Russia )


    Light Armor


    Jet Fighters

    Torpedo Bombers

    Heavy Bombers


    Super Battle Ship


    Light Carrier

    Escort Carrier

    Heavy Transport

    Minor Industrial Complexes

    V-2 Rockets ( Germany )

    Thank you. I have yet to see a map of the world in the Axis and Allies world as awesome as this one. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    i sent you the email the other day.

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  • So it seems I need to use miniatures. Look at the site, they are between 2 and 3 dollars (or pounds). That is going to make it cost prohibitive. When the sculpts come out for FMG, I may be able to represent many of those pieces, or I may just wait to buy AA40 then AAEurope.

    I will likely just print the map and replace the World at War Expansion map but use the same rules, unless you have anyother suggestions. I really love that map.

    I may also attempt to incorporate some of your rules and adopt whatever units I can. I really love the idea of playing with anti tanks, katusha rockets ect… I play the newest Axis and Allies PC game with my son and some of those units are in the PC game.

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    if you look carefully at the solution i sent you it will be clear that all you need is:

    Milton Bradley AA
    Table Tactics pieces
    and the other 10% being Skytrex ( Katyuska, heavy tanks and V-1)

    so figure about $125 investment from scratch if paying retail

  • I actually just saw your email, it was in my junk box.


  • What are the chances of getting the rules for your advanced Wold War. I have modified WaW Expansion only slightly. I think they are fine but could be a lot better. I really like a lot of the rules you have in the Deluxe game. I would really like to see the difference.


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    email me

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