Sealion Comeback

  • So me and a friend who always played 1942 now have started our first Global40 alpha 2 game. Unfortunately my friend, the allied player, failed to head my warnings about a plausible operation sea lion and london fell. Currently my german fleet is slightly larger than the american one across the water in canada (now at war) and both sides have 2 transports to supply/attack england. I have 1 tank on it after the battle and my turn is coming first. Scott land has 2 infantry on it as well. On the eastern front I am outnumbered compared to the russians who will certainly declare war this turn. In the pacific the Japanese are doing ok along with the italians in the Mediterranean.

    Anyway I am writing to ask:

    Is there a possible comeback for the allies after a successful capture of London?

    I can see the russians advancing but i have 90 ipcs this turn…

    We are worried the game has pretty much ended in its competitiveness now. what do you guys think?

  • NO way! This game is just becoming interesting! I have played many games where London has been taken and retaken. The most detrimental effect it has on the war is in Africa where the Italians will clean up. With Russia pounding on your back door and America only getting stronger you will not be able to compete in naval strength, within one or two turns the american player will have a bigger fleet and have the ability to take back London whereupon the German player will have to shore up his defenses on the atlantic wall, letting Russia have a field day.

    The simple fact is that Germany is far from victory if victory is to be attained at all, in fact it will be up to Germany’s allies to distract the American fleet and Harass Russia if Germany is to be able to survive and win this war.

  • The US are now at a war, don’t think that the Allies are done yet.

    I’ve seen multiple times the Allies come back from a London capture! When the US start to make a funnel into Gibraltar and threaten Europe and Africa from everywhere it won’t be that easy anymore.

    With Americans pumping all their money on the Atlantic side, never count the Allies out.

  • @MightyPol:

    With Americans pumping all their money on the Atlantic side, never count the Allies out.

    If the US pumps all their cash in the Atlantic, Japan should end the game as soon as possible.

  • I won a game as allies when UK fell.  I ended up taking back africa as America and convoy raided Europe for 12ipcs.  America was making around 100 ipcs, enough to contain Japan and recapture Africa and halt the Italians.  This left Russia to take on Germany alone, which they were able to do with judicious purchases.

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