National Production, National Objectives, and Tech Chart

  • Sorry if this is somewhere else, but I haven’t been able to find it so far.  I am looking for something similar to Bob_A_Mickelson’s AAG40 Charts & Aids National Production, National Objectives, and Tech Chart, but in software form.  This board is for the global 1940 game.  I want to display that board on a tv where we are playing.  This board gets bumped around while we are playing and the pieces always get moved.  Also it’s hard for everyone to see.  I figured if it was on a tv it would be much easier.  Anyone know if something like this exists, and if so where I could find it?

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    I’m not sure if anyone has created something like that, but I suppose you could use excel to create a basic chart for all of those.

  • I think what I am going to do is use Bob’s chart and then make copies of the roundels to move on a separate layer on top of it all.  I want it to be readable and appealing at the same time.  I was just hoping there was an easier way to do it already out there.

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