Need help with seeting up ABattlemap for the first time

  • I started playing Axis & Allies while in the Navy and cutting holes in the oceans onboard the USS Enterprise. A buddy of mine got me addicted. However, I had no one to play with after I got out and moved away until a few years ago. My son, currently 18, wanted to get the A&A revised additon a few years ago and we started playing. It turned out to be an awesome way of spending one on one time with him. However, now he is off in college as a freshman. I got him the AAE40 game for Christmas and we set it and played 2 rounds so far. Every time we played a new version I am always the Axis and beat him. I started looking for a way for us to play online and found the posts on here about this ABattlemap thing. I have a few questions.

    1. What do we need to download to be able to play each other?
    2. Where is the best place to download from…Holkann’s installer?
    3. What is the best site to play thru and how do we accomplish it?

    Thanks for any help!

  • 1. You have to download the ABattlemap(found under a sticky in the Anniversary Edition thread) and Functioneta’s G40 module(found under a sticky in the G40 thread).
    2. You’ll find the links on those threads
    3. Most people play through this site by typing moves and using an algorithm to roll dice

  • Yes, HolKann’s installer is the best way to download and install ABattlemap.  It does not yet include Europe1940/Global1940, so you’ll have to download that separately.  I don’t know if anyone has made a module for Europe 1940, but you can find a provisional global module here:

    I had started making a G40/E40 module, but then got busy.  I hope to resume work on it soon and make it a bit nicer than the existing one (props to Func, tho, for filling in the work when I couldn’t finish mine right away).

  • Thanks for the help Calvin and Stoney! Cannot wait for him to go back to school on Monday and we can start playing online then. 😄

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