Para rule variation???

  • I was thinking that the para rule might be more historically accurate and less likely to throw a game off if;

    The bomber carrying the paras has it’s range reduced to 4.

    Did the transports like the Curtiss C 46 and Douglass C 47 actually haul the troops on big drops or were they just used to pull gliders? I guess what I am asking is would these troop planes have nearly the range of the B-17, B-24 and B-29 that carried the bombs.

    Just looking around the web a little, I found that the normal range for the Mustang, which was a top of the line fighter with a relatively long range, was 1080 miles. The normal range of the Curtiss C-46 heavy transport was 1200.

  • LG,
    Great idea!
    Plus, research to back it up.
    Excellent work!

    Haven’t used the Para vari 🙂 much, but will check your research.
    If it proves out, as I believe it will, I will push for this to be instituted in future games involving the Para vari.

  • Actually I don’t think that’s even good enough research to say that you should have Paratroops… the largest US transport the C-46 commando could hold 40 seats…the german Ju-52, 17… the russian C-47, 28…(I think the british used the C-47 and I don’t think the Japanese had any.) if in a large raid (like normandy)the Americans only dropped about 1,000-2,500 and that was only to disrupt a the back to have something to hold (on the assumption that the INF. = 10,000 men and bombers =500 planes that would mean you need two BOMBERS!!!) if you want them they can’t do a large air raid drop to do attack they should be more like disrupters (Booby-Trapped a tank collumn all tanks cannot shoot for Battle T1)…

  • The Japs had the betty transport, Yamamoto was shot down in one I believe. Historic or not, paratroopers really toss the game for a loop. Could the Germans invade africa by parachute without transports for equipment?

    The germans did take an island by paratroopers in the med. sea, but I forget which island.


  • It was Crete.
    The largest airborne drop up to that date.

  • Yeah, Crete, I thought it might have been but was not sure. Sure right, it was the largest to that date. Some feat!


  • Paratroops are teh win. 😄

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