No National Objectives or Political Rules

  • We’re trying a game of Global '40 up here in our Minnesota A&A group.

    This time we’re seeing how the game plays with noone getting NO’s and everyone starting out at war with each other.

    Now we’re playing with OOB Victory Conditions, but I think I’d like to see how it plays out if we split conditions for each map as well.
    I’m just afraid that without the +30 for USA, Honolulu falls way easy and the Axis win.

    I’ll report back to you all.

  • Customizer

    Without that extra 30 IPCs, the US will surely be weakened but it will affect other countries as well.  It will hurt Germany a little, but they tend to take a lot of territory so they might not notice it so much.  The UK NOs are so few and hard to get that it probably won’t matter to them.  Same with India and Japan.  The ones that will REALLY hurt is Italy, China and ANZAC.  ANZAC is so far away from everything, it’s hard for them to get many new territories, especially if there is a large Japanese presence in the southern Pacific.  China really depends on that 6 IPC Burma Road NO.  They won’t be able to buy much if Japan is gobbling up their territories.  As for Italy, it sounds like it will take a while before they have enough money to really make good purchases.  You might be setting Italy up to be stomped fairly quickly.

  • Italy is sure taking a pounding, and Germany not getting that extra money to use against a fully-powered USSR is hurting them.  This should offset any USA/China/ANZAC loss in a Global game.  We’ll see what happens.

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