Has anyone played against themselves lol…?

  • well after spending all the time i did on my custom table ive learned over time that(at least in my part of florida) nobody has time to play…lol.i find myself playing global games against myself…obvoiusly nowhere near as good as playing other minds…but i have found myself learning alot about my own strategies lol.its funny how i train my mind to go all out/no mercy with whoever power im using that turn. seroiusly though…my son is 4 years old and already knows every peice in the game and its attack value and movement…keepin em sharp.

  • Yes, and I have yet to beat myself.

    I never win when playing myself. Its like my opponent knows everything I am planning.

    None of my surprise moves or misdirection moves work on me either.

    In all seriousness, setting up the board and playing against yourself is very useful for spotting in game situations you do not for see while drafting the concept.

    If you don’t mind playing strangers considered setting up a facebook group for your area. I personally use meetup.com (a pay site) to find axis players. We have 46 people who joined our group. Maybe 5-7 are regulars and show up when we have events. Just find a local game store that you can play at. I find more people show up to public events, then a personal residence.

  • I tried. I lost  😄

    Well, not exactly, but i couldn’t get to finish a game. It’s hard to not know and not ignore enemy intentions. Also hard to switch mindsets all the time.

    But it is good to debunk (or at least test) your own ideas and strats.

    And like JamesAleman also says: my surprise attacks seem to fail, must be spies!

  • When I play against myself it’s always to test some new scheme I think might allow the Axis to win. Every time I play, though, the Allies win. What this has led me to conclude is that there’s no overall winning strategy to pursue as the Axis because they all have Allied counter strategies. Rather, the Axis must spot weaknesses in Allied play and take advantage of them, i.e. when an Allied player doesn’t spot something or doesn’t use the correct counter strategy.

  • I have played alone a whole game.

    It is very useful to learn the possibilities of the enemy. To think with the enemy eyes.

    What i mean by this is when playing with a specific power sometimes we are unable to detect enemy weakness and possibilities cause we spend the time thinking of our weakness and strongness and are blind to the enemy weakness and strongness. When playing alone we become less blind to the enemy real possibilities and we improve our skill a lot.

  • and this is why we all need to donate what we can (even if it’s $5) to the team at TripleA.    No more lonely nights playing with yourself, you can get on the internet and like chatroulette, find a friend who wants to play with you.

  • Chatroulette…… Ew.

  • The thing I like best about playing a game myself is that I can be sure that my opponent won’t quit until the game is over.  Solid game when you’re at a disadvantage is the most important skillset you can have as a wargammer.  Since most people concede before the game is actually over, not many people have solid play once the game gets to the point that one side is “winning” and the other side “losing”.  I have won many games simply because I can outplay many opponents while I’m losing and they’re winning.

  • When I play against myself I try to take at least a two day break when switching from axis power to allied

    UK london    UK calcutta    ANZAC
    US    China    France

    Start process all over again……

  • Yeah but not much in this game.  My board is always saved mid game.

    Playing against yourself the enemy usually notices what is going on and forces the attacker to have the “perfect” strategy.  No counting on taking Australia because they don’t see it coming or that it can be blocked with a destroyer.  BUT you learn that filling up 4 transports and landing them a square off Sydney is pretty tough for the Aussies to overcome.

  • I wish I could play at least by myself! But I cant, Having little ones running around.

    Every time I take a look at my Global 40 boxes it just make me want to bust out the board, also there is limited space for me and the board barely fits our dinning table!

  • i do all the time. it allows me to try and tweak strategies and try new things. in my latest one Italy dominated the med while japan held its own against the us with good dice. Germany was on the verge of complete domination in Russia and china was gone.

  • It is kinda sad when I see threads like these pop up.  Axis and Allies is such a great game but lack of knowledge about it is so widespread that you can’t find anybody willing/wanting to play it (so you end up having to play yourself…  :roll:)  (Or even WORSE, have to end up playing it on the forums  :-D).  Most people are daunted by all the pieces and rules to even begin playing, when its really not all that complicated in the first place.  Probably part of the reason is that people out there nowadays expect games to play themselves for them, rather than have to think strategically or have a broader schedule lasting 2 or 3 turns down the road, but still…  I think the generation of instant gratification from tv and computers (and cell phones and ipods and video games) will have a net negative effect on Axis and Allies, especially a few more ADHD generations from now.  Either its going to have to be fully computerized and have a “Blitz” (ha-ha) game setting to keep people’s attention, or it’ll be in museums along with the rest of the WWII paraphernalia.

    Still, the amount of time it’ll take to learn/play one AA game vs. some kitchzy tile game like Carcassone or Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride is probably the largest contributing factor.  The groans you hear from the others when you bring out the Axis sets are palpable, and even the shorter (older) versions have a pretty steep learning curve.

    The new AA40 games are probably WORSE for the overall AA game theater too; the ever expanding rules and MORE pieces to keep track of with every new iteration are probably pushing more people away than winning new converts to the cause.

  • sadly sgtblitz i totally agree but also at least with my group of friends it comes down to finding a time we are all free because of jobs, gfs, etc.  Being a pc and console gamer myself i enjoy alot of those games but they dont let u see the look on ur oppenent’s face when the dice betray them

  • '10

    Like many I play against myself to test out a new game or a strategy idea.

  • Still better than Billie’s idea
    “Dancin’ with myself……”

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