• Lets say that in a specific sea zone there are a number of submarines ( 2 or more) with no other ships for support and the enemy wants to make a sea battle with the submarines sending from different sea zones, lets say 4 destroyers, can he deploy cruisers and battleships to fight the submarines or do only the destroyers take place in the sea battle. I am asking this question because one of my players has 4 sbs in a sea zone and the other wants to attack with everything he has got. Thank you

  • If DD’s are there, everything else can also attack

  • If not then only the destroyers can take place in the sea battle.

  • @orcageo:

    If not then only the destroyers can take place in the sea battle.

    If no DD’s are there, the subs ca submerge and avoid battle

  • Aaaa so you can attack with everything you have got if they are accompanied by destroyers. Thank you very much

  • Official Q&A

    You can attack even without destroyers, as any sea unit is capable of hitting a sub (only air units require the presence of a destroyer in order to hit them).  However, the subs can submerge to escape if there are no destroyers attacking, so the subs will decide if there will actually be a battle and how long it will last.

  • Thank you very much Krieghund

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