• Hey everyone m ne to the forums and am just wondering if anyone here has played Axis and allies online,Which version they would recomend,Is it Still able to play multiplayer? ive een lookn all nighgt and it dosent seem there are any Meet up groups in Texas for Axis and Allies just some Magic tournyies or arhammer. So my question is what would yall recomend Game version wise (that works online) or if anyone from texas may know a meet up grp or somethin around them lines…

  • Welcome to the forums.  There is a place online called http://www.gametableonline.com that you could play other people for a fee.  It is the revised edition of AA.  Hope that is what you are looking for.

  • TripleA or Abattlemap are the best two options, and both are free, and both have many different game versions to choose from.  TripleA is a full blown java application with the rules hardcoded and is typically played real time, although it has a save feature and a play by email option.  Abattlemap is simply a visual representation of the map/pieces and can be played by forum, but has none of the rules hard coded into it and is the closest to playing the real board game.

    http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki for tripleA information.  You must download the maps separately though the program, it is very easy.

    http://www.flames-of-europe.de/ is where you can get Abattlemap, you must register to get it.

    GTO is an evil, vile company that made a crappy product that they charge for, and then tried to get TripleA shut down.  Yes, wotc only went after tripleA because GTO told them to do it, at least in my opinion.  Otherwise they would have went after Abattlemap as well, and shut them both down with legal action instead of a  simple C&D letter to honor there licenses agreement with GTO.

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