Rules Question on Amphibious Assaults

  • Hi! I have a quick question about Amphibious Assaults, and wanted to get some opinions on it. I’m playing with a couple of friends of mine, and they say that I’m wrong about this, but I think it makes sense so I decided to look for more erudite help…is there any reason that I can’t have multiple battleships accompanying one transport with one guy in it on an assault? The idea is that I sacrifice the one guy who lands (because my opponent has like 30 people stationed there), but get all the free battleship shots off, (hopefully) wreaking havoc. And then I repeat this process. My friends insist that I should only be allowed one battleship per transport because it doesn’t seem “fair” to have 10 battleships getting their free shots covering one infantry. I think it makes perfect sense…so I wanted to find out who was right.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • You’re right, you can have as many BBs as you want to bombard provided that you didn’t do battle in the sea zone. So one way to stop the bombardment is to build a sacrificial transport or sub.

    If you’re having multiple BBs, you’re probably winning by a long shot. Your opponents should just graciously admit defeat. 😎

  • sho__7,
    Are you and your opponent playing like you do in RISK?
    Build. No attack. Build. No attack. Build. No attack. Build. ATTACK!
    And if he’s building FTRs while you build BBs. You can sail and assault where he ain’t.
    The idea is generally build and attack. Except Germany and USSR mostly build and defend.
    Your opponent may want to try another plan.
    BBs only get one shot on an amphibious assault

  • YES! BBs only get 1 shot each at the beginning of round 1 of any amphibious assault. That’s it.

    Man, you have 10 BBs? I’m jealous… 😉


  • But think of the work when CinCPac makes
    him clean the decks with a toothbrush! 😮 😢

  • Just one or two swipes with a toothbrush and the BB is clean!

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