• First off let me say wow, I had no idea A&A was even remotely popular!:o A group of about 8 of have gotten together every once in a while for almost 8 years to play this game but have never even heard of anyone else playing it. Anyways, my question is have there been any new revisions to my somewhere near 8 year old game. One of the players said he heard a newer version contained new styles of ships? Any other differrences or updates? I just ordered the Pacific and Europe which I didn’t even know existed until yesterday. Every store near me has never even seen or heard of an A&A game. We just assumed that I got the game when it first came out and it got discontinued. Thanks for any info.

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    There was a release of an A&A computer game a few years back, but it is a bit “buggy” and the AI isn’t good at all, and a follow up called Iron Blitz, but I think that is buggy too, but I don’t own that one.
    There have been no updates in units for the original A&A, However, I believe Europe and Pacific may have a few different units, like Destroyers or Artillery or something.

  • Guest what have those store clerks been smoking? A&A is one of the most popular board games in the last 15 years. I’ve had my copy at least 8 years & I had seen ads for it many years before that. Welcome to the club…

    Since the computer game came out there have been a number of more-or-less official changes to the 2nd-Edition game (which you have) that most players play with. My buddies & I play the board game just like you, but have adopted a few of the new rules…

    The new rules that spring to mind are:

    1.) Submarines may submerge or withdraw from attack. A submerge is similar to a withdrawal except the sub remains in place & reappears in the SZ it is in after combat…

    2.) West Canada apparently borders on Hudson Bay SZ. This is lame, & we do not use this rule…

    3.) Naval forces can no longer “occupy” an enemy SZ w/ an Industrial Complex. That is, an enemy may launch newly-built naval units into a SZ occupied by opposing troops…

    There are probably more, but I can’t think of 'em right now…


  • Guest: Your friend could probably be refering to some of the expantion packs. I have tried two different packs. Both with new kinds of boats. Half-battleships, escorts, and destroyers. Could be more, i dont remember.

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