• i have been trying to figure out what to buy for the best land attack for aa europe (to attack russia) for your money.
    in regular, usually the best build is 2x as many infantry as tanks (this is for attacking power only). of course there are cases when this ratio should be slightly modified.
    With europe, they added artillary making it alot more complicated. For amphibious assult, infantry and artillary, but what about on land?
    Inf + Art = 7 ipcs = 4/6’s hits/rnd
    inf + tnk = 8 ipcs = 4/6’s hit’s/rnd

    so it’s cheaper to buy art and inf, same hits, but cheaper
    but what about the fact that in multiple round battles, infantry die first, and if you have tnk’s and inf, then those inf are not as great a loss since they only hit at 1, where as in the force with inf and art, the loss of each infantry means less hits the next round.
    So this makes me try to figure it out. Sure you can just build some of each, but expert’s can’t do that, they need the most efficiant build. Tanks and art have their advantages and weaknesses, what’s the best combination? All tanks and infantry, all artillary and infantry, or some tanks, some artillary, some infantry. I know it varies from situation to situation, so what would be a situation where you would build tanks, artillary and infantry all to use in the same attack? This is using calculated odds, not just what you guess.
    thanks, I think that the correct builds of these three units could potentially make a huge difference in the game. Maybe it will become more clear what the best builds are once europe can be played online. What do you think?

  • for Barborossa i would recommend tanks and soldiers.
    for D-Day i would recommend artillery and soldiers.


  • '19 Moderator

    For Germany, the advantage to tanks is mobility. If your objective is moscow buy Infantry and then Tanks, and use what artillary you already have on the board.

    For Russia, just Infantry some artillary are nice for the oportunistic counter attack though.

    For US/UK who cares buy planes.

  • i was just wondering mainly because i find the attack better for your money to buy a combination of infantry, artillary and armor. In regular aa, the best attack (for your money) ratio is 2:1 infantry to armor.
    Basically i know you need more infantry as germany, and i know you will build more tanks (after your infantry start moving out) but the real questions is, how many artillary do you need? exactly since any artillary you build takes away from your infantry. rather than build a bunch of each, or mostly infantry or whatever, what is the ratio for a 6 turn stack, a 7 turn stack… it’s complicated to get it completely perfect! I believe this will make the difference in the game for expert play!

    I believe that tanks are better for russia (mobility), but i’m mainly concerned with the correct german purchace.

  • Em… sorry… I think the prob. you’ve calculated are wrong…
    Here’re mine:

    For Inf + Art:
    2 hits: 1/3 * 1/3 = 1/9
    1 hit: 1/3 * 2/3 + 2/3 * 1/3 = 2/3
    0 hit: 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9
    (i.e. 5/9 or 55.6% for at least 1 hit)

    For Inf + Tank:
    2 hits: 1/6 * 1/2 = 1/12
    1 hit: 1/6 * 1/2 + 5/6 * 1/2 = 1/2
    0 hit: 5/6 * 1/2 = 5/12
    (i.e. 7/12 or 58.3% for at least 1 hit)

    So… it seems to me that Inf + Tank does better in 1st round…

    Just my 2 cents :roll:


    Inf + Art = 7 ipcs = 4/6’s hits/rnd
    inf + tnk = 8 ipcs = 4/6’s hit’s/rnd

    so it’s cheaper to buy art and inf, same hits, but cheaper

  • first of all i would like to point out that 1/9+2/3+4/9=11/9 so there is an error
    secondly, i am looking to get the cheapest attack for you money!
    infantry + arm attacks the same as inf + rtl for the first round
    after that, the int+arm attacks better since the infantry killed only attack at 1 not two, but since inf+rtl = 7 and inf+arm = 8, then there is a theoretical ratio to get the best attack on moscow. That way if you find it, you can find the optimized turn to attack moscow on, and therefore, you will fine tune the game!! you will have 20-28 arm reguardless since they have mobility and you can move them in, the question is, how many infantry/artillary are needed to make 24 arm the most efficiant, what’s the ratio, and how many of each? This is basically dealing with super fine tunning the strategies used in the game!

  • @free_planet:

    For Inf + Art:
    2 hits: 1/3 * 1/3 = 1/9
    1 hit: 1/3 * 2/3 + 2/3 * 1/3 = 2/3
    0 hit: 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9
    (i.e. 5/9 or 55.6% for at least 1 hit)

    haha… 😄
    I’ve made a silly math mistake here… :oops:
    For 1 hit, the sum should be 4/9

    so… still 5/9 or 55.6% for at least 1 hit…

  • In fact, I’m not a good A&A player…
    What I want to say is just about the probability problem…
    Yup, I know that Tank plus Inf cost more… but its attacking power can sustain longer.

    Em… how about making small group of army of these 2 types with same cost (e.g 20IPC vs 20IPC) and see their efficiency?

    Sorry… I’m just a newbie to A&A… :oops:

  • you seem to know more than most “newbies” anyway, i think i’ll have to do that, run the battles. here’s what i got for a 6 turn stack (build a force for 2 turns then move into moscow by turn 6)

    assuming there are 88 infantry on moscow and 4 fighters…
    in reality there are all different units, but it’s just a “defence force”
    also assumes 1 fighter dies before it can attack moscow, and 1 get’s shot down to aa gun
    also assumes you have your original 12 armor plus 16 more since you can more in 8 each turn for two turns after the men step out of berlin (however with only 8 more the conclusion is the same)

    buy all artillary:
    11% without air
    36% with air

    buy half and half
    20% without air
    50% with air

    buy all infanty:
    27% (air not attacking)
    59% with air !!!

    hmm looks like inf only are better… let me see though!

    buy inf to rtl on a 3:1 ration (cash-wise, not numerically)
    26% no air
    57% with air

    ok so it looks like under these conditions only build rtl to fill the cash
    ex: you have 40 ipc’s build 12 inf 1 rtl
    of course save the dollar turn 1, only do this on turn 2.
    but there are more variables than i have included, perhaps it needs to be carefully figured out each game.
    this is for a 6 turn stack, maybe a 7 turn stack is different. what do you think?

    I have heard about heavy artillary stacks, but now i don’t believe in them!
    remember this is just a general rule, to really be on the edge, you would have to have a calculator ready every game and calculate 5 or more turns in advance. This knowledge should improve my wins by 5% or more since i was building 10 artillary turn 1 with germany sometimes…
    don’t forget to bid 4 infantry!!!
    thanks for reading

  • Oh! I know what’s wrong with me finally!

    Inxduk, you’re right:

    Inf + Art: 1/9 * 2 + 4/9 * 1 = 2/3 damage per attack
    Inf + Tank: 1/12 * 2 + 1/2 * 1 = 2/3 damage per attack

    So, these 2 combinations do the same amount of damages on the first turn.

    I shouldn’t focus on the idea of “at least 1 hit” :oops:

  • yes while the inf/rtl combination is cheaper, the inf/arm allows better hits in later rounds (after the infantry are dead) As it turns out, to be efficiant on moscow, germany only needs 1-2 more artillary than it has at the beginning, so buying large numbers of these is not efficiant!!

  • I never bother to calculate odds during a game, I like to keep my game smooth and the rounds fairly quick. I’m not sure about the statistics, but it seems to me that when I buy about even stacks of infantry and artillery (any extra cash going towards infantry) about every other round, creating hard hitting forces that outnumber the russians defenders. On the even round I like to build 5 or 6 tanks with infantry to catch up to the infantry and artillery from the previous turn. This provides me with a very tough offensive force with plenty of defensive power for holding territories. I don’t know if this stands up to more advanced strats, but it seems to work well for me, if I make the right opening moves; but then again, everything depends on the opening moves.

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