• In the rule book it says you can only place as many units in a country per turn as its PIC amount indicates, but in a lot of strategies I here people talk about buying 8 infantry for Russia, but they should only be able to buy 5.

  • Beware of differences betwen A&A Europe (which you are discussing), A&A Revised (where Russia has an IPC value of 😎 and A&A “Classic” that has no build limits on original factories…

  • I know but in this, the Axis Allies Europe forum there are people who talk about buying all infantry as russia (but if you go to limit you will still have 9 IPC left) and Germany starts out with 40 IPC and can only build 10 units so 10 art multiplied by 4 equals 40, and that makes it so there is no point to buy infantry as germany.

    I’m probably being really dumb about this, so can someone give me a thorough explanation of this?

  • From the AAE rulebook, page 19, under place new units:
    “You may place as many units as you like in your home territory. You may not place more units in a captured territory with an industrial complex than the IPC income of that territory.”

  • Ah thank you very much.  I know it may have been a dumb question, but it helps my strategies.  “it is better to be a fool that is right, than to be a wise man that is wrong”, some guy who makes oxymorons.

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