Dezertfish confusion on W & L stats

  • How come some of your posts are dated 2001-11-26 (that’s November, I think) and show the DBs with 26W and 15L?

  • Sigs all will be changed when you edit it, not just your future posts.

  • Well, I’ll be a monkey aunt!

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute! You mean he goes back and changes all those posts one at a time? If not, please, talk me thru it.
    …and now let’s play the new spin-off game sensation (following in the footsteps of that world reknowned favorite, Name That Quotation)…
    …Name That Misquotation…
    “What’s the median airborne forward motion rate of a swallow?”…
    …and for the World Championship of the game…name the character and the actor/actress who played the part.

  • Ok, go and edit your sig. If you look, every post you ever made will have that Sig, not your previous Sig, even though you have never posted with that new Sig. Its one of those ways our Forums are better than EZBoard.

  • 2019 Moderator

    You aperently haven’t entered a quote in you profile. 😉

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