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  • In A&A Europe, should Russia use their tanks and artillery-Infantry combos as offense where you’re using their strengths, or hold them all for the role at 2 defense? I’ve been wondering this for a while, and tryed them both (I lost both times…😉), and so I was looking for your opinion…

  • I use armor for small scale attacks in Scandinavia and for large counterattacks when germany shows a weak spot. You can send one to Africa as well. Anyway you should have about 7 tanks, i use 1 in the north (Karelia), 1 in the south (Africa) and the others in central russia where they can quickly be send to counter-attack weak german territories.

    Artillery only has a move of 1, so they must be next to a German territory to attack, so I use them as defence as well.

  • I generally try to surround the germans. I use the tanks high mobility to attack things far away and still be able to get back in time (finland and norway) and I buy all artillery, waiting for the germans to come near. Then I attack him when it could be most to my advantage, I will most likely lose but maybe I can stall his advance. After that, sit back and wait for an allied landing.

  • I like to keep my tanks behind a heavly defended front so that if the Germans do attack (which is really great for you) then even if they take the territory they can’t hold it for all your T-34s that come crashing down on them (research the Battle of Kursk). Besides that, if you build up alot of infantry in front of your tanks then you can still attack at full force.

  • I meant attack every chance I get, and thanks for the advice… And I don’t get much of a chance to build up either, because Germany always attacks immediately…

  • It doesn’t really matter when the germans attack becuase you’ve got plenty of space to give and he can only move so fast. On your first or second turn your should be able to establish a fairly stable front where you can build infantry.

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  • but if you use all your infantry to defend a certain line then your tanks will be destroyed if you counterattack.

    For example: Russia has 4 INF in Leningrad, 6 INF in Belorussia and 6 INF in Ukraine and like 7 armor in Russia. Now if Germany attacks Belorussia then all your infantry there will be crushed. When its your turn you are placed in a situation which is not good:

    If you counterattack you can use all your armor to take the territory, but you will lose all these armor units on a german counterattack. So you must use infantry from Leningrad or Ukraine, which means weaken your defence…

  • What I try to do is, as soon as the germans get near my main forces, retreat back toward moscow, leaving only 1 infantry. This delays the germans, furthers their supply lines, and allows me to keep reenforcing my ranks with artillery and infantry.

  • a great way to use tanks is to place them in belorussia guarded by a bunch of troops, artilery, fighters bombers, and a aa gun. that way if i decide to become offensive i can have them attack and place along the borders of baltic states, east poland, and western ukraine. or if u see them building up forces on one side u can strengthen that area since bessarabia is worthless i suggest leting germany gain control of it so i don’t have to waste troops to defend it. and if germany takes either baltic states, east poland, and western ukraine i can use the stack defense to regain it with artilery and troops. if they decide to use bombers and or fighters to attack me i will have the aa gun to lessen the force and troops to take the hits until they retreat or are eliminated.incase the germanys get cocky and try to take you like they did the french go around. in this case load up transports with troops, ship them to drop them off in leningrad. this should stand up long enough for the americans and brits to break through the atlantic and land troops on france to pull away troops from the eastern front. P.S. Russia should work on building land forces and america and the brits can send figheters and bombers to assist in the halt and waste of german forces and resources. as long as u stay lucky in rolling this should hould up until the americanos and brits to land in france.
    Peace and happy hunting

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