• Hey everyone i need your help theres an advanced version of a&a europe at axisdomain.com and its awesome for those who haven’t yet seen it you should but for those that have your the ones i’m talking to. You see when i get on the site i can look at the map and download the rules but when i try and download the setup my computer retards up and i cant view it so if any of you have any info on this or possibly know the setup and could post it on here or email it to me that would be a huge favor from one a&a buff to another. I will owe anyone who helps bigtime so if you know the setup and want to email me just post something on here and i’ll give it to you. THANKS TO ANYONE THAT HELPS AND ANYONE THAT LOVES A&A EUROPE GO CHECK OUT THE MAP AT axisdomain.com

  • hi, aparantly there are 2 versions of advanced historical!!
    one is at axisdomain and has the separate italy, the other one you can more easily play at www.attila-products.de That site has a program that lets you view 8 axis and allies maps, check it out! The game is great, I’ve played 3 games, and it is truly better than standard europe. I have not yet played the one at axisdomain, so I don’t know, I have read the rules, and like the one I have played better. If you do sign up at attila’s site, feel free to send me a bid if you want to try a game.

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